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Hot Rodding in the San Fernando Valley


Tony Baker


Burbank Road Kings


Hot Rodding in the San Fernando Valley, by Tony Baker, tells the story of the Road Kings of Burbank car club, and how its members came to dominate the sport of drag racing in the early 1960’s.  With over 200 rare photographs, the book offers a look at the Valley’s hot rod scene in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as the colorful early days of drag racing.





11:00 – 2:00


Raymond Henri Dietrich: Automotive Architect of the Classic Era & Beyond

Necah Stewart Furman


This biography of Raymond H. Dietrich, known as “the automotive architect of the classic era,” is not only an entertaining and well-researched societal history, telling the Dietrich story within the context of the times from the turn-of-the century through the eight decades of his life, it is also replete with over 350 photographs of art on wheels—the elegant Dietrich-designed classic cars of the 1920s and 1930s. Car collectors and restorers will find the “Cavalcade of Dietrich Designwork” chapter to be a treasure-trove of 78 archival-type automotive photographs tracing the development of Dietrich’s extraordinary talent and innovations. Historians and auto enthusiasts alike will appreciate how this handsomely illustrated book evokes a sense of time and place as the author skillfully transports the reader from one era to another in the life of a fascinating man who left such an impressive legacy of classic car design. This biography will interest both the general reader and the car collector. Pulitzer nominee and prize-winning author of six books and many articles and reviews, Necah Stewart Furman, Ph.D., was selected by the Dietrich family as his biographer. Granted numerous hours of taped interviews, she was also given access to Dietrich’s personal business and legal files, photographs, designs, and lithographs.

Well-known automotive author Richard Burns Carson employs his engaging literary style in writing the annotations for the photographs in the final chapter, while respected historian and coachwork specialist Walter E. Gosden lends his imprimatur with the Foreword.

  • Originally written by Pulitzer Prize nominee Necah Stewart Furman, Ph.D. and placed under copyright in 1961, this revised, comprehensive and entertaining biography of famous classic car designer Raymond H. Dietrich is an accurate record of his life and times based upon records and interviews unavailable to others.
  • Over 400 photographs and documents, many never previously published.
  • Traces the eight decades of the designer’s life and times revealing little known aspects of his career; his triumphs over tragedy.
  • Contains almost eighty archival photographs with annotations by automotive author, Richard Burns Carson.
  • Includes a “Back to the Future” section of beautifully restored Classics renovated by present-day owners with loving care and technical expertise, photographed by acclaimed photographer Hugues Vanhoolandt
  • Automotive historians, car collectors, and those simply looking for a good read will appreciate how this handsome biography of Raymond H. Dietrich evokes a sense of time and place, and also manages to correct published misinformation in the process


  • Hard cover with dust jacket





New Arrivals


1962 Weekend in Monaco

Dominique Vincent

The story of a race – A race in history

This book is part of a new collection of books that unveils « freeze-frames » from the great movie of motor racing history. Its purpose is to explore a particular weekend, the choice of which depends above all on the authors’ ability to gather the most original and complete documentation possible: photos, plans, programs, drawings, period reports and testimonies.

English and French text



1968 Weekend in Rouen

Patrice Moinet

July 1968 – The French Grand Prix succeeds the ACF Grand Prix on the famous circuit of Rouen-Les Essarts. The program is ambitious with the races of R8 Gordini, Formula France, F3 and F1. Unpublished documents, testimonies, never released photos shed a new light on this race weekend mixed with joy and tears. Hear the roar of the V12s and the blaze of the V8s, meet Rindt, Stewart, Hill, Brabham, Ickx, Rodriguez, Beltoise or Schlesser and let yourself be carried away by the story of this Grand Prix.

Text in English and French





Tim  Upietz

The 31st edition of the ‘Porsche Sport’ yearbook covers the triumphant achievements of Porsche race cars.

Porsche Sport’ has been published annually since 1993 and over the last three decades has become established as a delight for every Porsche fan. Results and standings from the various series make the yearbook a unique reference. Many full-colour images from world-renowned motorsport photographers continue to impress the readers. The entertaining reports by well-known journalists allow readers to relive the excitement of the 2022 season.

Hardcover 400 pages

 English and German text





The Old Master

The Remarkable Life and Times of Racing’s Most Versatile Engine Builder

Ed Pink’s gift for designing and building engines made him a motorsports icon. His handiwork has powered, among others, drag-racing superstars Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen, Indy Car legends Al Unser and Tom Sneva, sports car heroes Bob Wollek and Brian Redman, and USAC champions Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne.

But this is not a technical book. Pink began his long-awaited autobiography with one goal: that it would be more about people than engines.

Mission accomplished, yet again, for auto racing’s Old Master.





Colin Chapman the Authorised Biography


Jabby Crombac  William Taylor


This publication is a new book(s) about the life and legacy of the man behind Lotus. Colin Chapman the Biography is the official and definitive record of his achievements, a full and authoritative text and outstanding images which capture the extraordinary history of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Colin Chapman: The authorised Biography has been published by Coterie Press in collaboration with Colin Chapman’s son Clive and Classic Team Lotus, and the book is a fitting and personal tribute to the company’s first 75 years – being celebrated in 2023.

The book consists of two 264-page volumes presented in a hard slipcase. It draws upon three principal sources – the biographical record of Chapman written by Gerard ‘Jabby’ Crombac soon after Colin’s death in 1982; the autobiography of Fred Bushell, Finance Director at Lotus for many years; and a multitude of assorted period texts and additional new material written and gathered by author, photographer and publisher of many leading books about Lotus history, William Taylor.

In combination with more than 1500 images – many from the personal family albums maintained by Colin’s wife and Lotus co-founder Hazel Chapman – the text captures the extraordinary story of Chapman’s many accomplishments and provides a fascinating insight into the man.




Enzo Ferrari The Man and the Machine

Brock Yates

The sweeping biography of the enigmatic racer and sports car mogul who built the Ferrari brand—the inspiration for the major motion picture Ferrari directed by Michael Mannfeaturing a new foreword, epilogue, and photo insert

Genius? Tyrant? Power broker? Enzo Ferrari is the impressively researched, fully detailed biography of one of the most powerful men of the twentieth century. Brock Yates penetrated Ferrari’s inner circle and reveals everything, from his early days in the town of Modena to his bizarre relationship with his illegitimate son; from his fanatic passion for speed to his brilliant marketing of the famous Ferrari image; from his manipulative but enormously effective management tactics to his own frustrated dreams. Fast, fun, and scandalous, Enzo Ferrari more than lives up to its remarkable subject.




Concours Year  2023

Concours Year 2023: The only book to record every class and Best in Show Winner from over 50 of the greatest global concours of 2023.

Now in its fifth edition, The Concours Year, presented by Weathertech, is a celebration of the greatest Concours d’Elegance events from around the world. The book includes Special Awards, Best in Class and Best in Show results from more than 50 concours. The Concours Year is the most comprehensive review of the concours scene published. Nearly 300 pages, hardbound and with more than 1000 images of some of the world’s most important cars, this is a book to treasure.

A Year in Concours: The very best of 2023

  • Class and Best in Show Winners from Concours events in 2023
  • Concept Lawn
  • Concours People: The Entrant – Fritz Burkard; The Judge – David Lillywhite; The Restorer – Clark & Carter; The Organiser – Byron DeFoor
  • Highlights and Trends of 2023
  • Concept Lawn (new concept cars shown at concours events throughout the year)
  • Looking Ahead to 2024
  • The India Experience – a behind the scene look at the 21 Gun Salute Concours d’Elegance in Delhi
  • Concours Judging Rules Explained – a judging rules deep-dive written by the experienced judge Chris Kramer.

Also introducing the inaugural Concours Year Awards.

And documenting Class and Best of Show results from the following Concours:

Cavallino Classic Middle East, 21 Gun Salute, Cavallino Classic Palm Beach, Concours in the Hills, Intermarque Concours d’Elegance, The Amelia, Sydney Harbour Concours, La Jolla Concours, Motorcar Cavalcade, Lugano Elegance, Cavallino Classic Modena, Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, Concours on Savile Row, Valetta Concours, Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, London Concours, Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance, Concours d’Elegance Suisse, Dinard Elegance, Rodeo Drive Concours, Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance, Poltu Quatu Classic, Heveningham Concours, Cartier Style et Luxe (Festival of Speed), Zurich Classic Car Award (ZCCA), Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Misselwood Concours d’Elegance, San Marino Motor Classic, Salon Privé, Classic-Gala Schwetzingen, Concours of Elegance Hampton Court, Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance, Concours d’Elegance Tegernsee, Antwerp Concours d’Elegance, Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Ironstone, Detroit Concours, St Michaels, Ascona Concours d’Elegance, The Boston Cup, Audrain Newport Concours and much more! 





Cult of the GT-R

Ryan ZumMallen

A True Story of Crime, Obsession and the World’s Most Coveted Car

Quick – which car has the most cultish following? Nope, not the Italian supercars that ooze speed and millionaire status, or the German sedans with their bruising horsepower and rich interior leathers. Instead, it’s a Nissan. This is the true story of a giant-killer: the Nissan Skyline GT-R, a car that could only have come from Japan. Its sleek silhouette and delicate balance joined a powerhouse engine and clever technology, capable of smoking high-priced rivals. The Nissan Skyline GT-R dominated on the track and bred outlaw culture on the road. Video games and films spread the word globally. But the GT-R was made for Japan. In the US, strict import laws meant that if caught, GT-R owners risked the threat of watching helplessly as their car was hauled off to the crusher. Now the law is nearly expired. Some collectors eagerly await their dream car, while others face prison time. All for the cult of GT-R.





HiPo 1964 1/2

Ford’s First High Performance Mustang

Scott McMullen

Introducing “HiPo 1964 1/2 Ford’s First High Performance Mustang – History, Identification, Lore”. Dive into the thrilling world of Ford’s iconic 64 1/2 K code Mustang with captivating stories and stunning visuals. A must-have for every auto enthusiast!

The authoritative guide to Ford’s original street legal race-bred Mustang and one of the world’s rarest collector cars, whose fascinating story is sure to entertain a wide range of automotive enthusiasts – not just Mustang fans – covering history, early prototypes, development/testing, production, characteristics/parts, restoration/preservation, and much more. (Hardcover, 347 pages, 157 photos/images both color and black & white.)  By Scott McMullen with foreword by Jay Leno.

“HiPo 1964 ½ Ford’s First High Performance Mustang” focuses on one of Ford’s rarest production cars – rarer than the 1965-1966 Shelby GT 350 and the only option for Mustang performance buffs prior to August 1964. Also known as HiPos or K codes, most enthusiasts are aware of the 65-66 models, but little about the 64 ½ HiPo Mustangs, has been available. The 64 ½ cars were the original embodiment of the street legal race-bred Mustang. Their fascinating story is sure to entertain a wide range of automotive enthusiasts – not just Mustang fans.

The book includes rare, and in some cases, never-before-published pictures of early High Performance Mustang prototypes and pre K code mustangs production cars. Included are details of experimentation and production along with in-depth discussions of how research and development progressed through the start of 64 ½ K code production up to the start of 65 production. Also explored is the lore of these classic muscle cars and the test drivers, like Dan Gurney, who helped wring them out.

This information is invaluable to the collector and automotive performance enthusiast alike. Even the most knowledgeable Mustang aficionado will find new information, some of which will challenge old notions and lore that has been told through generations of Mustang fans the world over. The book goes on to present tips for preserving and restoring a 64 ½ HiPo Mustang. It further delves into characteristics of an authentic 64 ½ K code Mustang along with how they changed through the few weeks in 1964 that these ultra rare cars were produced.

Hardcover, 347 pages, 157 photos/images both color and black&white.





Tales From the Garage

Rodney Kemerer

Rodney Kemerer’s Tales From the Garage, designed with the look and feel of an automotive owner’s manual, is far more than just a “car book.” As car enthusiasts Jay Leno and Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Neil have observed, Rodney’s warm and personal tales resonate deeply because everyone has a car story to tell, even if the car is just a springboard for a memory of a certain person or a certain place or even a certain feeling. These thirty stories, originating as essays in a host of publications and now reformattedwith entirely new and colorful artwork, are filled with familiar moments that chronicle everything from finding just the right car for your wife (She wants a what? Really? What’s wrong with her?), to an ancient St. Christopher medal hiding at the back of a glove box, to a father’s deathbed pronouncement: “I should have bought Cadillacs.”

Author Rodney Kemerer understands that car stories can be the gateway to every aspect of our lives. His heartfelt book – half memoir, half the memories of others – is truly a pop culture snapshot of modern society told through the lens of the automobile. These tales might appear to be about cars, but they are also tales of an American life and the many objects that embody and reflect it. So pull up a chair and your favorite beverage as you meet a new friend who is happy to share his favorite Tales From the Garage.





Bugatti and Lotus Thriller

Romano Artioli

The story of a boy with a big four-wheel dream.

There are men who fall in love with a dream when they are young and do everything they can to make it come true. Romano Artioli is an entrepreneur pursuing his desire to revive the world’s most prestigious automobile brand, Bugatti. With passion and dedication, he achieves this goal. Born in Mantua, birthplace of Nuvolari, the most famous race car driver of all time, Romano opens his first auto service centre in Bolzano at the age of eighteen, buys a hydraulic test bench and begins overhauling engines, immediately demonstrating great skill.

 And he founds dealerships, imports cars and becomes president of the local automobile club. He understands the importance of going all out to meet the demands of his customers, who become his friends and help him sell cars.

He convinces Enzo Ferrari to entrust him with management of the brand not only in the Triveneto, but in southern Germany as well.

After amassing experience for years travelling the world, it’s time for him to make his boyhood dream come true: he charms the French government and arranges for the sale of the Bugatti brand.

Then, having been abruptly prevented from selecting a powerful partner among the many who were interested in developing Bugatti and ensuring its future as an independent brand, he acquires the crisis-ridden Lotus Group and rapidly restores it to its former grandeur.

There, he introduces new models with great success, such as the special Lotus Elise, named after Romano’s young granddaughter.

Exploiting the unique untapped potential of his technicians, who work with passion and total commitment. In the mid-nineties, the Bugatti EB 112 is named “the world’s most beautiful sedan”.

But as in a classic thriller, just when everything seems to have turned out right comes the sneaky and unexpected twist that changes everything. With endless twists and turns and a long line of bankers’ traps, lawyers’ scams and ravenous businessmen, Bugatti & Lotus Thriller tells the story of a great dream of genius and creativity that stirs passion in every petrolhead the world over.



Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962

 Patrick Dasse

In times past, leading Alfa Romeo engineers were also great motorsports enthusiasts. Although they were presumably fully occupied with development of the firm’s production cars, in the years between 1948 and 1962 they nevertheless managed to create some spectacular sports prototypes. Many of these were created in close cooperation with outside firms.

Stefano Agazzi, former director of the Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo, and Alessandro Rigoni, who for years maintained the vehicles in the Alfa Romeo Museum, permitted access to the cars in the museum and unreservedly shared their knowledge. Dr. Marco Fazio, former director of the company archives, the Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo – Centro Documentazione, made available a variety of very interesting documents and informative photos showing many of the vehicles after they were damaged, often severely, in races or test sessions. The majority of the photographs presented in the book have not been previously released.

The book consists of two volumes,
totaling 600 pages:

Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 – Volume 1
300 pages, 311 black and white photos and 28 colour photos

Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 – Volume 2,
300 pages, 302 black and white photos and 49 colour photos

Size: 29 x 24,8 cm

Weight: 3,2 kg

Text in English and German





Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

Martin Übelher  Patrick Dasse

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ documentation and register by Martin Übelher and Patrick Dasse.

Sixty years ago, in November 1963, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia TZ celebrated its competition debut in the Tour de Corse. The “Tubolare Zagato” – a reference to the tube frame chassis as well as the body designer – was to become one of the most successful models in the long list of race winners from Alfa Romeo.

The book consists of five volumes, totaling 1500 pages.

The first two volumes document in painstaking detail the development of the Giulia TZ and the racing history of the works cars:

Giulia TZ – Volume one
300 pages, 329 black and white photos, 53 colour photos, and one contemporary document

Giulia TZ – Volume two
300 pages, 318 black and white photos and 73 colour photos.

Volumes 3, 4 and 5 contain a complete registry of all Giulia TZs ever built, as well as the corresponding changes of ownership, registration numbers and race participation up to the end of homologation in 1974, insofar these can be attributed to individual cars. Volume 5 also contains an appendix with various contemporary documents, including homologation forms as well as a technical bulletin covering race preparation.

Giulia TZ – Volume three
300 pages with 258 black and white photographs, 62 colour photographs and one contemporary document.

Giulia TZ – Volume four
300 pages, 214 black and white photos, 71 colour photos and four contemporary documents

Giulia TZ – Volume five
300 pages with 132 black and white photos, 40 colour photos and 133 contemporary documents.

Dr. Marco Fazio, former director of the factory archives (the Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo – Centro Documentazione) allowed us to examine previously unreleased documents related to the Giulia TZ; their evaluation entailed several years of work. The majority of the photographs reproduced in the book have not been previously published.

Size: 29 x 24,8 cm

Weight: 8,2 kg

Language: English – German

Text in English and German





Porsche 911 60 Years 1963 – 2023 – Limited Edition

Andreas Gabriel

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Porsche 911, Berlin Motor Books  has published the book PORSCHE 911 60 YEARS 1963-2023, limited to 911 copies.

Special features in this book


  • Limited to only 911 units
  • Each copy is individually numbered
  • Detailed purchase advice and price trends
  • Detailed presentation of all 82 Porsche 901 from 1964
  • Extensive information on all 901 prototypes
  • All colors of the Porsche 901 and 911 2.0 (Ur-Elfer)
  • Unpublished historical visual material

The nine-eleven has been in production for over 60 years!

More than 60 years have passed since the Porsche 911 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1963, still as the Type 901. If things keep going this way, the Porsche 911 will surpass the 65-year production run of the VW Beetle (1938-2003). The book “Porsche 911 -60 Years” takes an in-depth look at how a small team of employees was able to create a sports car legend that is still unmatched today

Text in English and German





Porsche 356 Brochures Collection Book

Porsche Center Gelderland


The Standard Edition of this unique book contains 576 pages of Classic Porsche 356 brochures.
The brochures date from 1948 to 1966. This book includes price lists,accessories and various color schemes.


Hardcover book in slipcase
Dimensions 280 x 280 x 50 mm

Text in English




Porsche Artifacts

Thomas Walk

Take an unparalleled view into the secretive rooms of the Porsche Corporate Archives with Artifacts, a comprehensive and artistic insight into the historic items, vehicles, and human stories that have made Porsche what it is today.


Presented by Type 7 and published by ERG Media with Edition Porsche Museum, Artifacts is an abstract, artful perspective with dramatic lighting and high resolution photography. Each item is carefully explored by photographer and lead creative Thomas Walk, focusing on the textures, patina, and history contained within each piece.

Photographed on location in Zuffenhausen, thousands of historical pieces have been curated to a meaningful selection, exploring the full scope of the Archives. Encompassing Porsche family items, equipment from Porsche design and development, Porsche Museum cars, and never seen before glimpses of the Archives.

Spanning across 356 pages, the large-format coffee table book accompanies its photography with a separate pull-out index which tells the story behind each item. The result is a reader experience which evokes that of an archivist exploring the physical history of Porsche.

The team at ERG Media focused heavily on an uncompromising approach to packaging, collaborating with Andy Cruz of House Industries to create a tactile experience which mirrors the feeling of the items captured within, including a bespoke font. Arriving wrapped in a paper design with elements in homage to Porsche 911 Turbo design blueprints, once unwrapped, readers will find an archive box, complete with reinforced metal corners. After breaking a seal, the book’s red slipcase is revealed; inspired by racing pedigree and the thousands of document folders that line the shelves of the Archives. Readers slowly unravel the book as a physical experience, unwinding a string and eventually finding a trove of photographs and information within.

1st Edition 2023
356 pages
Special packaging
Edition Porsche Museum
Format: Packaging: 34cm x 42cm, Book: 27cm x 35cm
Hard cover photo book with pull-out index
Language: English (US)



Berlinetta Boxer: The Legend

Daniele Buzzonetti

Some cars are destined to enter the hall of fame before their presentation. Like the Ferrari BB (Berlinetta Boxer), which not surprisingly was compared to another famous ‘B.B.’ for its charm and edgy image: the French diva Brigitte Bardot.

However, the Ferrari BB is not just a wonderful grand tourer that fascinates at first sight. There are numerous reasons of interest tied to this exceptional car from Maranello, extensively illustrated in this exclusive book, full of details and unpublished facts, particularly accurate also on a graphic level: large format, photographs mostly purposely shot, with nine cars available (of the three series envisaged), in addition to the “racing” versions.

The BB was the first road-going Ferrari with a high-power 12-cylinder rear engine: it was a difficult transition for Maranello, as Piero Ferrari (in the preface), who was very young at the time and already integrated into the factory created by his father, and Leonardo Fioravanti, the man behind the Pininfarina style and responsible for development together with the Prancing Horse men, explain in the book.

The BB is equally famous for the 180° V 12-cylinder engine, an unusual choice, conceived by Mauro Forghieri for the formidable F1 “312” engine. The great Modena engineer himself illustrates the evolution and the affinities between the two units, while the development of the prototypes is entrusted to the memories of two other key figures: the racing driver Arturo Merzario and the well-known “king of test drivers”, Dario Benuzzi, with an almost 50-year career behind him driving Ferraris, including F1. Another observer of that period, the coach-builder Franco Bacchelli, responsible for the development of the “Le Mans” racing version, is remembered through the 29 official cars built, together with the memories of the former racing driver Maurizio Flammini.




Raoul “Sonny” Balcaen

My exciting true-life story in motor racing from Top-Fuel drag-racing pioneer to Jim Hall, Reventlow Scarab, Carroll Shelby…

Raoul ‘Sonny’ Balcaen grew up in Los Angeles at a time when it became the epicentre of American motor racing, nurturing a vast talent pool of people whose influence has echoed through to today.

As a teenager, he successfully competed with his home-built Top Fuel dragster during the formative years of the sport. With Lance Reventlow, he worked on the famous Scarab sports cars and was standing in the dyno room when the team’s all-American Formula 1 engine was fired up for the first time. A period as Jim Hall’s crew chief and a close association with Carroll Shelby added to the know-how that guided him towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and led to all that followed.




Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2022-2023

Adolfo Orsi

The 28th edition of the Classic Car Auction Yearbook covers the most important auctions from 1st September 2022 to 31st August 2023: 10.737 cars of 377 different Makes, illustrated by 738 color photos. Each car is listed with year, model, bodybuilder, chassis number, estimate, hammer price in GB£, US$ and €, sale date and place, lot number and auction house, and a short description; furthermore, it reports the results in US$ achieved by the same car if offered at auction in the last 30 years. Considered by many “the Bible in the field”, the Yearbook contains the market analysis by the representatives of the most important auction houses, the author’s comment with graphs and statistics of the last 30 auction seasons, the most coveted Makes, countries and periods, total
auction sales turnover, percentage of cars sold, average price achieved by some iconic models and, at the end, the Top 5 cars and the overall Top 20 since the 1993/1994 season.
An absolute must for every professional, collector and enthusiast.




We Were the Ramchargers

Inside Drag Racing’s Legendary Team

David Rockwell

With over 200 new images, the new edition of We Were the Ramchargers is perfect for drag racing enthusiasts. This book takes readers behind the scenes with the group of Chrysler engineers who, from the 1950s through the 1970s, became one of the most successful and influential drag racing teams of all time.

The only team of engineers from an automobile manufacturer to drag race successfully, the Ramchargers broke the most time barriers in drag racing history and earned the most National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Super Stock titles during the sport’s golden era of factory competition.

Author Dave Rockwell, a Ramcharger himself, interviewed more than 40 team members, competitors, and track operators for We Were the Ramchargers, making it the first and only book to provide inside details on all elements of the Ramchargers story.

In addition to chronicling the races they won and legendary cars they developed (including the High and Mighty, 426 Hemi, and first Funny Car), Rockwell opens corporate and personal files to take readers behind the doors at Chrysler (showing, among other things, how the Ramchargers helped pioneer the platform team concept), while revealing the personalities of the men who made it all happen.




Superbike: An Illustrated Early History

Kevin Cameron John Owens

Superbike: An Illustrated Early History,” written by Kevin Cameron with photography by John Owens, grew in part from a black-and-white photo essay published 35 years ago in American motorcycle magazine Cycle.

“The Look of Speed” featured Owens’ thought-provoking images of Yoshimura Research and Development of America founder Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura and former magazine editor and 1977 Daytona Superbike race-winner Cook Neilson, among other tuners and riders.

The photos published in this book were taken at tracks that populated the American road-racing scene at that time: Daytona International Speedway, Bryar Motorsports Park, Laguna Seca Raceway, Pocono International Raceway and Road America.

“The desire to go fast, brake, turn and accelerate isn’t that complicated,” Cameron writes. Yet this book clearly illustrates and uniquely explains the countless challenges that manufacturers, teams and riders faced attempting to accomplish those goals.




Through My Eyes

The Coming of Professional Sports Car Racing in California

Dave Friedman

For over 65 years, Dave Friedman has been a world-renowned motion picture and still photographer known for his pictures of celebrities, cinema, classical ballet and car racing.

“Through My Eyes” is his latest book and it’s all about car racing in the years 1958-1965.

  • This book has 364 Pages of car racing photos; most have never been seen before
  • In this book are 658 of Dave’s photos of race cars, drivers, teams and events from 1958-1965
  • All the famous race car drivers are in this book
  • Along with photos and captions of these famous drivers and their cars are images of pit crews, fans, racetrack scenery, and humorous/historic incidents that occurred at these events.



Ghosts and Legends of Hollywood

Brian Clune

Cursed awards, haunted estates, and deadly sets.
Hollywood is supposed to be the place where dreams come true, but it’s also where nightmares come to life. Spirits haunt the halls of renowned studios, legendary cafes, and lavish estates, while rumors of curses lurk in the shadows of the rich and famous. It’s said that stars like James Dean, Carrie Fisher, and Prince once predicted their own deaths, while slain screenwriter Paul Bern tried in vain to warn Sharon Tate about her own fate. Ghosts reportedly linger in the corners of the El Coyote Café and the Falcon Lair boasts sightings of Rudolph Valentino long after his death.

Join author and paranormal historian Brian Clune for a star-studded tour of the dark side of Hollywood.



Le Mans 100: A Century at the World’s Greatest Endurance Race

Glen Smale  Tom Kristensen 

Marvel at 100 years of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the official illustrated history packed with photography, narrative, and race results.

Held on the Circuit de la Sarthe comprising closed public roads and dedicated racecourse, Le Mans features cars and two-driver teams that can cover more than 3,000 miles during the race. Le Mans 100 is a thorough year-by-year history showcasing all aspects of the grueling contest, including:

  • A slew of legendary marques and models, including Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Corvette, Cobra, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, BMW, McLaren, and more
  • A who’s-who of motorsport legends like Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Ken Miles, Jackie Ickx, Derek Bell, and Tom Kristensen (among dozens others)
  • All the classes that ran in each year’s event, including the top LMP1 and LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype) categories and GT (grand tourer) 
  • A list of each year’s top three overall finishers

In addition, author and award-winning Le Mans historian Glen Smale details touchstone events such as the late-1960s battles between Ford and Ferrari popularized in the film Ford vs Ferrari, and the 1955 tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 80 spectators.

The oldest active endurance race is intended to showcase mechanical reliability as much as driver skill and fortitude. This beautifully designed and extensively illustrated book celebrates those attributes, chronicling the exploits of both factory-sponsored cars and privateer entries, from the early open-cockpit racers right through to today’s hybrid era.

Compiled by a meticulous author with a passion for motorsport, Le Mans 100 is the ultimate chronicle of a marquee race.



Camaro Special Editions

Matt Avery

Includes Pace Cars, Dealer Specials, Factory Models, Copos, and More

Discover a fascinating array of special edition Camaros written by Chevrolet historian and COPO authority, Matt Avery.Chevrolet’s iconic Camaro arrived in the fall of 1966 and, although tardy to market, it came ready to mix things up in the wildly popular “pony car” segment. Ford’s Mustang was a runaway success, but this new competitor reigned in momentum by offering customers an even closer friend of driving enthusiasts.

A credit to General Motors, the Camaro charged hard out of the gate, becoming an instant hit. In each of its first three years, it sold almost a quarter million units, causing a decline in sales for the crosstown Detroit rival. In the decades to follow, Chevy crafted Camaro variants to suit everyone with enterprising hot rodders and performance tuners always taking it one step further. Enter the high-octane world of Camaro special editions.

Driven to achieve their own competition success and following the high-revving demands of enthusiasts, numerous Camaro special editions have been produced over the years, becoming some of the most collectible cars of all time.

Covered here are not only the factory models such as Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 pace and festival cars, ZL1s, anniversary editions, IROC-Zs, Player’s Challenge, Hot Wheels editions, Z/28s, and RS/SS cars. Also, Camaro Special Editions covers the legendary COPO cars and dealer go-fast specials from builders including Yenko, Dana, Nickey, Berger, Baldwin-Motion, Gorries, and Dick Harrell.

More modern performance editions are covered as well with Callaway, SLP, SVE, GMMG, Earnhardt, and more. Detailed information is provided on the most notable models from 1967 to today, including build numbers, production specs, and their collectability.

This book is a must-have resource for the Chevy and Camaro faithful.



The Story of Hesketh Racing

James Page

Hesketh Racing was a Grand Prix phenomenon. In a time of increasing commercialisation and cars that had forsaken national racing colours in favour of sponsors’ logos, the team was privately funded by Lord Hesketh – a patriotic 22-year-old who was determined to take his promising young driver, James Hunt, to World Championship glory. Their car stood out on the track thanks to its pure white livery – and the team stood out in the paddock thanks to its lavish hospitality, its helicopter and yachts, and its infectious sense of fun.

But behind the playboy image was a highly professional team, expertly organised by Bubbles Horsley and including talents such as designer Harvey Postlethwaite, engineer Nigel Stroud and chief mechanic Dave ‘Beaky’ Sims. Having arrived in Formula 1 in 1973 with a rented March, Hesketh Racing then set about building its own car. It won the 1974 International Trophy at Silverstone and the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort – putting James Hunt on the road to superstardom.

This new book from Porter Press International is the first to tell the amazing full story of Hesketh Racing. ‘The biggest little team in the world’ captured the imagination of enthusiasts all around the world thanks to its unique approach and its famous teddy bear logo, and it continues to be one of the most evocative and charismatic names in Formula 1 history.


Imagine Too!

Patrick Kelley

A companion book to Patrick Kelley’s earlier Imagine!, which featured the drawings of a wide range of concept cars from the 1930s onwards, Imagine Too! showcases a new crop of images, and artists, along with some familiar favorites. These incredible designs have been untouched and unseen since they were drawn and include a look into the future with for example ideas for flying vehicles. Represented here is an important part of America. It is about American style and commerce that continues today with innovative automobile designs intended to drive sales and brand loyalty. The images published are absolute survivors. Up to 90% or more of all the drawings made never saw the light of day or literally never left the drawing board. These young designers never stopped dreaming…or Imagining.

  • Over 300 never-before-seen automobile concept images
  • Over 100 automobile artists represented
  • Flying cars – factory concepts that never ended up in showrooms
  • Follow-up book to “Imagine!” …with ‘Best Of’ images
  • Including concepts that are being designed for tomorrow
  • Featuring a collection of automobile concept toys, models and concept prototype sculptures



The Winning Collection of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Bill Pack

Epic Drama: The Winning Collection of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is a stunning book that showcases the Museum’s incredible collection of winning Indianapolis 500 cars photographed by renowned photographer Bill Pack.

Visually stunning with notes and stories about each vehicle and its driver, you’ll find yourself drawn to the imagery and captivated by the stories. From the styling, design, or nostalgic memories of one’s youth, seeing these historic race cars transports the viewer to a different time. 

This is the perfect addition to your coffee table or bookshelf. A great gift for the art lover or race fan. 

NOTE: The design of the book features an exposed spine. It creates a tactile feel and quality to the book as well as allows the book to lay flat when it is opened.




The Golden Era

David Dewhurst

Dive deep into the most exhilarating sport on the planet with the biggest motocross book ever published. Read 480 pages about the bikes, the champions and the technology that made this sport great. See over 600 big images that bring the sport to life. Hear the inside stories that bring the Golden Era alive.



Dave Wolin

The story of the iconic dirt track that defined Southern California racing. It began in 1903 as a horse track, then as a one mile dirt track in L.A., then as New Ascot Raceway in East L.A. which became Legion Ascot and finally Southern Ascot in Southgate.

Then, Los Angeles Speedway was built in 1957 on the site of a former landfill just south of Gardena. The promoter got into financial difficulties and it became New Ascot Stadium and eventually just Ascot. Everyone raced there, sprint cars, stock cars, midgets, buggies and motorcycles. 90 Indy 500 drivers raced there. Names like A.J. Foyt, Rick Mears and Parnelli Jones were regulars. It was said that “if you haven’t raced Ascot, you haven’t raced”. Read the book to see why it closed in 1990. Written in scrapbook style, decade by decade, full of newspaper and magazine articles, photos and stories from those who were there.

399 Pages – 8 1/2 x 11 – B&W.  Comes with a DVD of all the photos and, newspaper / magazine articles in the book plus an assortment of videos.




Automobiles and the New American City 1900-1930

Darryl Holter  Stephen Gee

Driving Force: Automobiles and the New American City 1900-1930 explores the explosive growth of L.A.’s passion for cars, ignited by an unlikely and visionary mix of entrepreneurs. Car dealers made the big difference, as they ventured into unknown territory. That “unknown territory” meant introducing the West Coast to the concept of dealerships with service bays for on-site car repairs; dealers conceived the notion of “used cars,” those vehicles buyers “traded in” so they could buy a new one; and dealers made commonplace the idea of financing cars, an idea the scared the car makers in Detroit until they saw the orders rolling in. Steps that dealers took to make buying cars affordable, possible and—most of all—desirable were ingenious ideas born in Los Angeles, ideas that turned the new American city into the brain center of automobile sales in America. Most importantly, car dealers were the early adopters who broadened the market and convinced the general public that cars were no longer simply a luxury, they were a modern necessity. And today, Los Angeles’s car culture has shaped the world’s preferences in automobiles.

Driving Force is the first major history of dealers at work, artfully told by Darryl Holter with Stephen Gee. And car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno has penned the Foreword, concluding that “In Driving Force, Darryl Holter shows that auto retailers connected manufacturers to buyers, changing America and shaping the history, economy, and culture of Los Angeles.”

More than 150 vintage images complete this remarkable work.


Alwin Springer

Racing With Porsche in North America

Alwin Springer with Wilfried Müller

Growing up in the Ruhr area of Germany, Springer emigrated to Canada in the 1960s, but soon settled in California due to the warmer weather. There, after further improving his skills, the trained car mechanic/electrician found a job with Porsche specialist Vasek Polak and from then on looked after Polak’s Can-Am race cars as a mechanic.

Later, Springer started his own venture Andial with former Polak colleagues Arnold Wagner and Dieter Inzenhofer. The now-legendary tuning company went on to compete successfully in IMSA and, with the Andial engines, enjoyed quite a bit of success in other racing series as well. Andial became the number one address for Porsche customers in the USA, and even at Le Mans, customers of the German marque started using Andial engines. The secret of the California-based German trio: they had entrusted a capable man in Silicon Valley with the task of decoding the engine control system of the Porsche factory and thus making all parameters freely adjustable. Alwin Springer and his team perfected their set-ups in hours of test-bench runs. Morever, Springer also had a key role in the relaunch of Porsche Motorsport North America at the end of 1989 and is still active as a consultant for PMNA today.

Alwin Springer, together with Wilfried Müller, summarises his experiences from Can-Am, IMSA and the modern era at PMNA in 47 entertaining chapters, accompanied by countless photos from his private collection dating back to his early years with Vasek Polak.

Hardcover with slipcase

Limited to 963 copies, individually numbered








Air & Water: Rare Porsches, 1956-2019

James Lipman

Discover some of the rarest and most desirable Porsche sports cars ever produced!

Throughout the history of the sports car, no marque has epitomized the excitement and passion of driving like Porsche. The Saratoga Automobile Museum, in collaboration with architect Steven Harris, presents 22 of the marque’s rarest air and water-cooled cars.

This remarkable collection highlights the manufacturer’s past seven decades of production — from 356 Carreras and Speedsters to high-performance RS 911s — all captured in sensational detail by renowned photographer James Lipman.

  • Showcases 22 of the rarest and most desirable Porsche sports cars, from the 1956 Carrera GT to the 2019 991.2 GT2RS, as well as several custom builds
  • More than 240 stunning images including exterior, interior, and engine-bay details by Car and DriverMotor Trend, and Top Gear photographer James Lipman.
  • Includes driving impressions from automotive journalists Jethro Bovingdon of Top Gear, Dickie Meaden of evo magazine, and Intercooler cofounder Andrew Frankel

The stunning imagery is accompanied by specifications and history as well as driving impressions from leading automotive writers Richard Meaden, John Simister and others. Air & Water combines breathtaking imagery and words to transport the reader on a thrilling journey of being behind the wheel of these ultra-rare machines



Air & Water (911 Edition) : Rare Porsches, 1956-2019

The 911 Edition is a special version of Air & Water for collectors, limited to just 911 individually numbered units. It features a unique cover with individually numbered metal plates, an art print of an image from the book, and an exclusive cloth-wrapped clamshell case. Each copy of the 911 Edition is protected by a custom-made individual mailing carton.





24 Hours of Le Mans 2022 official year book



The 90th edition of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans was distinguished above all by the fact that, after a two-year break, spectators were finally able to take part in the spectacle again in large numbers. The appreciative audience witnessed the duel between the Toyota GR010 Hybrid. After number 7 in 2021, number 8 was given the honour of giving the Japanese manufacturer its fifth victory at the Sarthe. Ryo Hirakawa won on his first appearance, while it was the third success of Brendon Hartley and, most importantly, the fourth of Sébastien Buemi, who has now matched the great Henri Pescarolo, Olivier Gendebien and Yannick Dalmas.
Jim Glickenhaus is to thank for another achievement this year. The American, who was fourth in his first appearance last year, has claimed the podium he always dreamed of. In the LMP2 class, it was Jota who put two cars on the podium in a very competitive class. The official Porsche 911 RSR-19 of Frédéric Makowiecki, Richard Lietz and Gianmaria Bruni will go down in history as the last winner of the GTE-Pro class so loved by the fans, but it was the last appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Aston Martin TF Sport had to beat Porsche to triumph in the GTE-Am class. In this yearbook, you will find hundreds of carefully selected photos and everything you need to know about the participants, rules and background of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2022.



24 Hours of Le Mans

A Century in Posters

Robert Puyal

It’s a long time, a century! But what a wealth, this sum of moments. The 24 Hours of Le Mans even subdivides, each year, its famous double clock tower into very small seconds and even down to tenths. A day of intense emotion, for a passionate public as much as for the drivers. The poster artists, designers, photographers and computer graphics artists called upon by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, founder, organizer and guardian of the event, have tried each year to represent or symbolize this magic, this snapshot of endurance. A collection that mixes precious artistic nuggets and simple commercial messages, but even those that were considered banal when they appeared are steeped in the spirit of the times and the art of the times. A carefully compiled collection of moments of speed, all the posters of the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1923 and 2022 are reproduced here.

Text in French and English



Porsche 356 75th Anniversary

Gordon Maltby  Grant Larson

Porsche 356: 75th Anniversary relates the full story of Porsche’s original sports car from the first Gmund coupe to today’s beloved collector car.

Ferdinand Porsche was a brilliant engineer who, prior to World War II, had been involved in a variety of significant automotive engineering developments including the first hybrid drive  vehicles. From the early 1900s, Porsche was developing racing cars including the Mercedes SSK and the mighty Auto Union Grand Prix. During this period, Porsche also developed the groundbreaking Volkswagen, which would prove critical to his postwar, namesake automobile manufacturer.

The Typ 356 was developed by Ferdinand’s son “Ferry” Porsche and introduced in 1948. Though the rear-engine layout was based on the Volkswagen, most similarities ended there. The 356 had a unique chassis, higher performing engine, and a handsome wind-cheating body. Little known outside Germany initially, by the early 1950s the 356s were lauded for their excellent handling, build quality, and growing volume of competition successes.

Porsche’s 356 evolved over its 17-year life through four distinct series: pre-A, A, B, and C, with coupes, cabriolets, Speedsters, Hardtops, and Roadsters among the many body variations. Equipped with the “Carrera” 4-cam engine, the 356 was a force in sports car racing. Dedicated competition models were developed beginning in 1953, and the Rennsport Spyders dominated road racing, endurance, and hill climb events for over a decade.

The 356 story includes a cast of fascinating characters, from those engineers who designed the cars, to race drivers who built the “giant-killer” mystique, to owners like James Dean and Janis Joplin who fell in love with the little bathtub-shaped sports cars. From titled European gentlemen in the 1950s to movie stars like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in the 1960s, the first Porsches attracted enthusiasts and racers alike. Today, the car has an even wider following among collectors including Porsche fans like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. “356 Fascination” continues with ongoing restoration efforts, vintage racing, and an “Outlaw” movement, all enhanced by large-scale events that celebrate the car’s history.

Porsche 356 75th Anniversary tells the in-depth story and is a must-have book for anyone that loves Porsche and sports car history.



Mario Andretti

Bernard Asset


Very few drivers enjoy such an immaculate image or have such charisma, and we are not even talking of his track record…

As a tribute to his F1 career, the book adopts the famous black and gold livery.

Bernard Asset once again gave us access to his lifework and together with him we have selected fantastic pictures of Mario. They are matched with original testimonies that open the door to a more in-depth understanding of who Mario Andretti really is.

Hardcover in slipcase

1000 numbered units only.

Mario said it is the nicest book ever done about him




Bugatti the Italian Decade

Gautam Sen

When, in 1987, Romano Artioli and his high-profile associates – Ferruccio Lamborghini, Paolo Stanzani and Jean-Marc Borel – decided to reincarnate Bugatti, one of the most famous automotive marques of all time, they had in Ferruccio Lamborghini, Paolo Stanzani and design legend Marcello Gandini, three of the most prominent names in the Italian supercar firmament, suggesting a bright future for the marque.

Eight years later, Artioli’s dream was over. Bankruptcy was declared, the factory was closed, and the beautiful campus reduced to a ghost building. Not even a decade had passed between the first germs of an idea and the end in 1995, yet there are enough ingredients for an exciting action-filled story: discord, rivalry, pride, power, money, prestige, stars, crises and a dramatic end.

What happened? Why did it happen? Bugatti: The Italian Decade answers all that and more.

  • 400 pages
  • Hard cover with dust jacket
  • 219mm x 304mm (portrait format)
  • 790 images


Brumos: An American Racing Icon

Sean Cridland


Brumos: An American Racing Icon, by Sean Cridland covers the entire history of the Brumos team, going back to its roots in the early days of the 20th century, all the way up to the opening of the Brumos Collection in January 2020…and everything in between! The three volume set contains 1,500 pages with over 2,000 images, many never before seen.

Volume 1 Chronicles the historical events that led to the creation and development of one of the world’s most legendary teams.

Volume 2 Describes the explosive 1970s when Peter Gregg, Hurley Haywood, Jack Atkinson, and Porsche owned American GT racing.

Volume 3 Examines the challenges and victories of Brumos in the post-Peter Gregg era, from early 1981 until 2020.




Tim Upietz

The 30th edition of the ‘Porsche Sport’ yearbook covers the triumphant achievements of Porsche race cars on four continents: America, Asia, Australia and Europe. With almost 1000 photos on 400 pages, the book also features the famous endurance races at Dubai, Daytona, Spa-Francorchamps, the Nürburgring and Le Mans.
This year the ‘Porsche Sport’ yearbook includes a particular focus on the fantastic LMGTE-Pro class win in the 24-hour race at Le Mans. In addition, the many major international sports car championships and exciting competition all over the world in the Carrera Cups, Sprint Challenges and GT3 Cup Trophies have been covered as well. Of course, Formula E, the new Porsche 963 with which Porsche want to claim the overall win at Le Mans again and the phenomenal Goodwood Festival of Speed event have also been included.
‘Porsche Sport’ has been published annually since 1993 and over the last three decades has become established as a delight for every Porsche fan. Results and standings from the various series make the yearbook a unique reference. Many full-colour images from world-renowned motorsport photographers continue to impress the readers. The entertaining reports by well-known journalists allow readers to relive the excitement of the 2022 season.



MONTEVERDI -A Swiss Automotove Adventure

Carl L. Wagner and Roger Gloor

This narrative represents a many-­faceted summary of success. It explains how an unconventional, strong willed and remarkably creative young man became a mechanic. How as an incorrigibly obstinate automobile fan he advanced to the status of an eminently successful racing driver on the international competition scene. And it also describes how this single-minded, highly determined dreamer metamorphosed into a builder of his own racing cars. Furthermore, in accordance with the same verve and determination that enabled him to attain the initial step in Formula-1 as constructor/driver, following a mechanically induced, unfortunate major accident, he continued to pursue his long-time ambition as automobile producer …, and to become an internationally renowned manufacturer and purveyor of exclusive, high-performance luxury automobiles.




Concours Year 2022: The only book to record every class and Best in Show Winner from over 50 of the greatest global concours of 2022.

Beautiful case bound book celebrating the very best cars on show at over 50 of the world/s greatest Concours d’Elegance events in 2022

Now in its fourth edition, The Concours Year, presented by Hagerty, is a celebration of the greatest Concours d’Elegance events from around the world. The book includes Special Awards, Best in Class and Best in Show results from more than 50 concours. The Concours Year is the most comprehensive review of the concours scene published. Nearly 300 pages, hardbound and with more than 1000 images of some of the world’s most important cars, this is a book to treasure.

  • A Year in Concours: The very best of 2022
  • Class and Best in Show Winners from Concours events in 2022
  • Concept Lawn 2022 – the very best of the new and concept cars seen at Concours
  • Concours People: Bruce Meyer, Lois Hunt, Bob Smith, Dr Paul Sable
  • What’s coming in 2023

Class and Best of Show results from the following Concours:

Sydney Harbour Concours, Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Classic-Gala Schwetzingen, Motorsport Rendezvous, Cavallino Classic Modena, Poltu Quatu Classic, Intermarque Concours d’Elegance, Concours South Africa, Concours d’Elégance Suisse, Salon Privé Concours, Salon Privé London, The Bridge, Cavallino Classic Middle East, Cavallino Classic Florida, Heveningham Hall, Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance, Las Vegas Concours, San Marino Motor Classic, Hilton Head Concours, Radnor Concours d’Elegance, Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance, Audrain’s Newport Concours, The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering, Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance, Concours of Elegance Hampton Court Palace, Valetta Concours d’Elegance, Concours d’ Elegance at Copshaholm, Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, The Amelia, Greenwich Concours, Detroit Concours, Zoute Grand Prix, La Jolla, Lime Rock Concours, Concours on Savile Row, Antwerp Concours d’Elegance, Concours in the Hills,  Concorso Villa d’Este, Ascona Concours, Boca Raton, Motorcar Cavalcade, Concours d’Elegance Tegernsee, Chantilly Arts et Elegance, Ironstone plus more!



A Quiet Greatness – Japan’s Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector and Enthusiast, Volumes 1-4, Plus Supplement and Index

Myron  T. Vernis  Mark R. Brinker

A Quiet Greatness, Japan’s Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector and Enthusiast, is the most in-depth, authoritative guide to collectible Japanese cars ever created. This four-volume set (plus supplement and index) includes sports cars, touring cars, and Japanese cars in motorsports. Beautifully designed and written for car collectors and enthusiasts alike, A Quiet Greatness is resplendent with stunning photography, and rich with technical details, original charts, and diagrams.

Six years in the making, A Quiet Greatness was created by Mark R. Brinker and Myron T. Vernis, and designed by Richard M. Baron, former Art and Design Director of Road & Track magazine for 32 years.

Produced by a high-quality printer of art books, A Quiet Greatness was created as an encyclopedic showpiece to be kept and enjoyed for years. The set weighs 35 lbs. and arrives in a slipcase with spot varnish and custom-cropped top corners to always keep the book-set beautifully organized and easy to access.

Each book has a thick, laminated hard cover, designed for durability and years of enjoyment. One of the first artistic details you’ll see is the edge of every page is painted with a pop of bright red – reminiscent of a Japanese Hanko. Printed on 100 lb. art paper, the full-color pages also have the added touch of a spot-gloss varnish over each image to enhance the aesthetic. All information on the cars is organized alphabetically and chronologically by marque.

Inside, you’ll find cars you know and love, but there are also many that will be a delight to discover. Both Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars and those exported to other markets are covered in great detail. And, like the authors, you may just find yourself enticed to add a car or two to your collection. Packed with historic details, the authors go deep into the stories collectors and enthusiasts crave.


Raoul “Sonny” Balcaen

My exciting true-life story in motor racing from Top-Fuel drag-racing pioneer to Jim Hall, Reventlow Scarab, Carroll Shelby and beyond

Raoul ‘Sonny’ Balcaen grew up in Los Angeles at a time when it became the epicentre of American motor racing, nurturing a vast talent pool of people whose influence has echoed through to today.

As a teenager, he successfully competed with his home-built Top Fuel dragster during the formative years of the sport. With Lance Reventlow, he worked on the famous Scarab sports cars and was standing in the dyno room when the team’s all-American Formula 1 engine was fired up for the first time. A period as Jim Hall’s crew chief and a close association with Carroll Shelby added to the know-how that guided him towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and led to all that followed.

Aged 17, Balcaen built his own Top Fuel drag racer, the ‘Bantamweight Bomb’, which he developed relentlessly and drove to many successes. 

  • His role in the fabulous Scarab sports cars — the landmark all-American racers — and insights into life with their creator, the incomparable Lance Reventlow.
  • Working as crew chief to the brilliant Jim Hall, preparing and running his Lotus Eleven and Lister-Chevrolet long before the famous Chaparrals emerged.
  • A second spell with Scarab, this time with the Formula 1 project — the first American Grand Prix car — plus a special job for Reventlow converting a Scarab sports racer into a street car. 
  • Onwards into setting up his own successful business, IECO (Induction Engineering Co), to create and sell high-grade performance and appearance accessories, with Chevrolets — especially Corvair and Vega — featuring strongly.
  • His many-faceted dealings with Carroll Shelby, leading to consultancy and even assignments as occasional Shelby American company pilot.
  • Along the way we meet many other big names of the era, including Chuck Daigh, Bruce Kessler, Warren Olson, Dick Troutman, Tom Barnes, Phil Remington, Ken Miles, Leo Goossen, Jim Travers, Frank Coon, Ed Donovan and Pete Brock. 

This engaging memoir is the very personal history of a momentous time and place in which we meet a who’s who of West Coast road-racing heroes.



Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin’s ‘The Past and The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars’ marks a new turning in the literature of historic cars. Building on the excellent writings of others over many decades now, this book reviews the evidence and, for the first time, provides answers to the perplexing questions of originality, authenticity and identity which circle around historic cars.

By reference to more than thirty cases and other examples, Paul Griffin unfolds the stories of the cars and characters that have shaped what is today’s thriving historic car sector. He also suggests the reasons why historic cars have become heritage assets having such powerful effects on emotions and passions all over the world.

This is an attractive, high-quality book which tells its stories by reference to images from the world’s leading photographic libraries and automotive art collections.



The Ferrari Place

Jim Hunter

From a dead-end, gravel-strewn road behind a concrete plant, FAF made an indelible impact on Ferrari culture in North America.

THE FERRARI PLACE is a compilation and expansion of the 3-part series that ran in the Ferrari Club of America Quarterly, PRANCING HORSE. Memories and observations from many of FAF’s former staff, competitors, and customers are illustrated with rarely seen photos in a sewn-bound, full color hardback, beautifully designed by David Williams. Each copy of this extremely limited first-run is hand-numbered and includes a bookmark paying homage to the popular FAF bumper sticker, “I’d rather be driving my Ferrari.”



The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles

Fred Simeone

The idea of stewardship – the ownership of a historical automobile during one’s lifetime – has recently gained the focus that it has always deserved.

This selfless consideration of preserving the original machines is presented by the foremost authors, museum directors and collectors of our time, led by the visionary Miles Collier and Fred Simeone. These world renowned automotive academicians are joined by Ed Gilbertson, Evan Ide, Leigh Keno and Leslie Keno, L. Scott George, Mark Gessler and others whose unique viewpoints spell out the need for proper preservation of our automotive treasures.

Illustrated with almost 200 historic photographs, documents and modern imagery, this book explores many of the issues associated with the ownership of historically important automobiles. Topics include: provenance; patina and false patination; reversible restoration; over-restoration; dealing with older restorations, the definition of a historically important automobile, and many other thought provoking issues.

This book will certainly encourage serious conversation on this controversial subject, and is a must for any sincere collector of automobiles.

The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles achieved the distinction of “Publication of the Year” at the International Historic Motoring Awards in London, November 2013.

Dr. Fred Simeone passed away in June, just a few days after his 86th birthday. His legacy is presented in this re-release of this important book, available in this memorial edition.





Porsche Carrera RS 50 YEARS 1972-2022

Berlin Motor Books

The 911 Carrera RS 2.7 is already a legend. It is one of the most sought-after vehicles among the classic model series of the air-cooled nine-eleven. The book “Porsche Carrera RS 50 YEARS 1972-2022”was published on June 20, 2022 in a limited edition of 500 copies.


Special features in this book

  • Detailed buying advice for the
    Carrera RS 2.7, 964 RS and 993 RS
  • Price developments for the years 2018 to 2022
  • All series and special colors with vehicle animations
  • Extensive information on prototypes and test vehicles
  • Press releases and brochures for all air-cooled 911 Carrera RS





Made in Italy

A Visual Experience by Piotr Degler

Internationally awarded automotive photographer Piotr Degler launches his long awaited new coffee table book “Made in Italy”. The culmination of more than a decade of work portraying extraordinary Italian concept cars and iconic limited edition models.

This is not just “another car book”, but it presents 100 high quality images with painstaking attention to detail. 80% of the photographs have never been seen before, as they where shot exclusively for this book.
The mix of images creates what the author calls “a visual experience”, never monotone, but trying to awaken emotions every time a page is turned. It is a mix between classic and modern cars, between concept and production cars, between studio and on location shots…
The goal was not to show the most important or significant models, something you could easily find on the internet, but to create visual pleasure through quality and exclusive photography.

To compile this book, Degler worked together with most Italian car museums, automotive companies, design centres and car collectors in Italy and worldwide. “Made in Italy” is completed with an initial section dedicated to “The Maestros”, where eleven automotive legends are portrayed and share some thoughts with us: Giampaolo Dallara, Leonardo Fioravanti, Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Flavio Manzoni, Paolo Martin, Horacio Pagani, Paolo Pininfarina, Ercole Spada, Alfredo Stola and Andrea Zagato.

“If you create something, it needs to be something never seen before. ” The total cost of this colossal project exceeds 135,000€. Since the first shot was taken, more than ten years have passed. “Made in Italy” has texts in both English and Italian. It is also printed in Italy using the best materials. To make it even more personal, Degler Studio self-edited it: “I wanted to create something each car-, photography- or design-enthusiast could proudly display in his living room, sharing it with friends and enjoying it from time to time.”






Maserati A6GCS

Walter Bäumer  Jean-François Blachette

Maserati built remarkable racing cars in the 1950s that are highly valued by many drivers in historic racing today. The darling among these cars is the A6GCS. Small, very agile, and relatively easy to drive, it was THE car in the 2-liter class for the numerous amateur racing drivers in Italy. The car was driven on countless hill climbs and of course on circuits, and in the legendary Mille Miglia. In race-crazy Italy, the car was always in the focus of the spectators, tens of thousands of whom stood on the streets to watch these small red racers. The history of the A6GCS gives a very good insight into a time in Italian motorsport which was mainly contested by wealthy amateurs. The names of many of the drivers have been forgotten today, but the vast majority of the A6GCS are still here and are used today at numerous events. This book pays tribute to perhaps the most romantic Maserati racing car of all time.

  • Pages: 400
  • Images: 343
  • The only detailed book about the Maserati A6GCS
  • The most popular of all Maserati race cars, and a favorite driver of current owners
  • Includes the history for all 54 chassis and one mystery chassis
  • The car was a success when racing for amateurs in the 1950s and was popular, participating in hillclimbs and events like the Mille Miglia
  • Cars designed and built by famous coachbuilders: Fantuzzi, Fiandri & Malagoli, Pininfarina, Frua and Vignale
  • Driven by greats, such as Maria Teresa de Filippis, Luigi Musso and Juan Manuel Fangio
  • Over 340 period photographs, many never seen before
  • Companion volume to author’s books on the A6G and 300S Maseratis





Stefan Immke

Dirk Behlau

Squeezed Up – The Book is the new XXL coffee table book by internationally acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Dirk Behlau.

Ten Days, Nineteen Cities, Twenty-Eight Locations, Two Hot Rods, Five Guys, and a Race. Squeezed Up is an unforgettable road trip across Southern California, combining Hot Rodding, Polynesian Pop, Tiki culture, Tattoos, and Kustom Kulture into a stunning and crazy master-piece. Experience every bump in the road with “The Wild Bunch,” as they journey to preserve the past, while meeting with painters, surfers, tattoo artists, bartenders, Tiki makers, Hot Rod builders, and more. Don’t take yourself too seriously, conserve history, preserve and don’t consume. Keep what makes you feel alive and live it. Come and join us on the road!

378 pages, full color Hardcover in a linen slipcase
Format: 297 x 270 mm

Includes 12 Tiki Cocktail Recipes

Companion DVD HERE



PINK PIG PORSCHE The Truffle Hunter of Zuffenhausen

Lee Raskin

PINK PIG PORSCHE The Truffle Hunter of Zuffenhausen is a thorough photo narrative of the Pink Pig’s motorsports history which includes over 125 legendary images, many of which are exclusively from the Porsche Archive and from other unpublished photography sources.

Renowned Porsche historian and author Lee Raskin conveys a wonderful tale about the legendary Pink Pig Porsche and its unique livery — which continues to span beyond five decades.

Built especially for the 1971 Le Mans 24 Hour Race, Porsche AG created the special-bodied TYP 917/20-001 that would be uniquely painted pink along with thirteen German butcher-cut names covering its body — that instantly became known as the Le Mans Pink Pig by the motorsports media.

In recent years, tens of thousands of Porsche enthusiasts have visited the Porsche Museum at Stuttgart-Zufenhausen to meet this legendary 917/20 Pink Pig.

Today, Pink Pig memorabilia has become extremely popular — in the form of designer clothing, model racing cars, ‘Piggy’ banks, coffee and beer mugs, cookies, and dynamic Pink Pig posters and collectible art work.

Pehaps the most exciting Pink Pig news of the day is the acquisition and reinvention of the original Porky’s Pig by the renowned motorsports artist, Kelly Telfer…who has created a very unique Pink Pig display for worldwide Porsche-related events, such as the annual Porsche Club of America’s Porsche Parade, and Werks; as well as the famed Amelia Island event.

The complete motorsports story is included in PINK PIG PORSCHE: The Truffle Hunter of Zuffenhausen.



Porsche 956 001 – Creating a Legend – Limited edition

Thomas Nehlert

956 001 was the first drivable prototype and therefore the starting point for over 100 examples of the 956/962. The book Porsche 956 001 – Creating a Legend, published by Sportfahrer Verlag, is a lavish English-language monograph on this car that describes its history in detail. From the initial considerations for the Group C rules through the testing phase, its limited race outings, the later use as a technology test car and the owner history, no significant aspect of the car’s existence has been forgotten.

A number of important people were interviewed, including Peter Falk, Norbert Singer, Valentin Schäffer and Jürgen Barth. There are also valuable insights from Derek Bell, one of the most important factory drivers of the 956 era.

Adding to the book is the reproduction of numerous records from testing and other original documents that help convey the complexity of the car’s development.

The book boasts a modern layout and is beautifully illustrated. The photos, some of them in large format, show the development, testing and race history of 956 001 and document the technical details of this one-of-a-kind car.

Language: English
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions: 265 x 265 mm
Author(s): Thomas Nehlert
Number of copies published: Limited to 750 examples, numbered by hand
Configuration: Hardcover with cloth binding and slipcase, golden hot foil embossing on cover and spine
Photos and images: 155 color and 55 b/w photographs, 18 documents, drawings and illustrations





Enzo’s Ultimate Redhead

The Evolution of the Ferrari TR

Keith Bluemel

This book is about the Ferrari 250 TR 59/60, the ultimate expression of the legendary 250 Testa Rossa. Written by revered Ferrari authority Keith Bluemel, it covers the development of the ‘TR’ from inception through to the 1959/1960 seasons, culminating with the Le Mans victory of 1960. It slowly focuses on chassis number 0774, the actual car that scored that win in the 24 hour marathon in the hands of Paul Frère and Olivier Gendebien.

The title contains some terrific photos within the 204 pages all excellently reproduced on the highest quality paper stock. Its broken down into 8 chapters describing the model’s evolution – the ’59 and ’60 seasons in particular are covered in great detail. There are sidebars on the drivers who piloted 0774 and the circuits it competed on along with in-depth studies of the car’s main opposition. The final chapter is about 0774’s life after Le Mans and its time in private hands, rounding off with a salon of Michael Furman studio shots and various appendices. A high quality production with slipcase, designed by Julian Balme.

Limited Edition of 1000 copies





Rick McCloskey

Limited Edition Re-Print


Wednesday night was “Cruise Night” in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. The stretch on Van Nuys Boulevard between Ventura Boulevard on the southern end, and well past Sherman Way to the north, teemed with kids and cars from all over Southern California on Wednesday nights. It was a terrific place to both see and be seen, and to show off your ride as well.Gas was cheap, times were great, and the boulevard hummed with life during the evenings. Even the «draft» during the Vietnam War did not dampen the street scene. By 1972, the year Rick McCloskey went to Van Nuys to shoot his series of photographs, the culture on the boulevard had become an amalgamation of divergent lifestyles, automobiles – used and new – and some very different «looks» and styles. There were «tribes» of van kids – surfers mostly – low-riders, muscle cars, street racers, Volkswagen owners, and many more, and of course, thousands of young people. The idea of «retro» had arrived as well, with some young people emulating the look and style of the 1950s. Of course, there were individuals who had to be there for work. In making these images, Rick McCloskey set about portraying the young people, their cars, and the iconic background settings. Today, young people no longer have anything similar to the past boulevard gathering places, where so many people can enjoy «just being there» together. Akin to starlight still trickling in from a long vanished world, these photographic images are what we have left


132 pages,

118 duotone plates with a text by the photographer



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