Porsche Carrera RS 50 YEARS 1972-2022


Andreas Gabriel


“Only 500 men will ever drive it”

This was the slogan that Porsche chose to advertise its new elite model, which, under the name Carrera RS, was supposed to change the course of history. The first 911 Carrera RS was a true stroke of genius on the part of Porsche: The car, only 500 units of which actually needed to be built for homologation purposes and which originally left the sales department far from convinced, turned into an unexpected sales hit. Within a very short time, the Carrera RS cemented its status as the dream car par excellence for sports car fans. Although the original, somewhat naive idea had been to only produce five hundred of these cars, in the end more than three times that number were made and sold. In the summer of 1973, production ended after 1,580 units had been made.

The new Carrera RS of the 964 generation became a worthy successor to the legend. Nevertheless, it took a full 18 years before the legitimate successor to the Carrera RS 2.7 was presented. Legendary Porsche racing engineer Roland Kussmaul tells us why it took so long in an exclusive interview.

The new Carrera RS of the 964 generation became the legitimate successor to the legend. The 964 RS needed no more than 260 hp to reach a top speed of 260 km/h. Again, more than twice as many vehicles as actually required were sold within a very short time.

The Porsche 993 RS became the last classic Carrera RS. The last classic 911 RS was presented in January 1995 . As far as many fans of the ‘Eleven were concerned, its attractive design crowned the 911 RS of the 993 generation as the most beautiful Carrera RS of all time. In this last air-cooled 911 RS, the engineers achieved a particularly harmonious synthesis of sportiness and comfort.

The Carrera RS book for the 50th birthday! The time has come to dedicate a book to the classic, air-cooled series of the 911-RS. In addition to detailed buying advice and price developments over the past few years, the book also includes an extensive technical and statistical section.

Limited edition of 500 copies

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