A Quiet Greatness, Japan’s Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector and Enthusiast


Myron T. Vernis  Mark R. Brinker


A Quiet Greatness, Japan’s Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector and Enthusiast, is the most in-depth, authoritative guide to collectible Japanese cars ever created. This four-volume set (plus supplement and index) includes sports cars, touring cars, and Japanese cars in motorsports. Beautifully designed and written for car collectors and enthusiasts alike, A Quiet Greatness is resplendent with stunning photography, and rich with technical details, original charts, and diagrams.

Six years in the making, A Quiet Greatness was created by Mark R. Brinker and Myron T. Vernis, and designed by Richard M. Baron, former Art and Design Director of Road & Track magazine for 32 years.

Produced by a high-quality printer of art books, A Quiet Greatness was created as an encyclopedic showpiece to be kept and enjoyed for years. The set weighs 35 lbs. and arrives in a slipcase with spot varnish and custom-cropped top corners to always keep the book-set beautifully organized and easy to access.

Each book has a thick, laminated hard cover, designed for durability and years of enjoyment. One of the first artistic details you’ll see is the edge of every page is painted with a pop of bright red – reminiscent of a Japanese Hanko. Printed on 100 lb. art paper, the full-color pages also have the added touch of a spot-gloss varnish over each image to enhance the aesthetic. All information on the cars is organized alphabetically and chronologically by marque.

Inside, you’ll find cars you know and love, but there are also many that will be a delight to discover. Both Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars and those exported to other markets are covered in great detail. And, like the authors, you may just find yourself enticed to add a car or two to your collection. Packed with historic details, the authors go deep into the stories collectors and enthusiasts crave.

FROM THE AUTHORS:The Japanese auto industry has a 60-year history of incredible success in the United States, and it is surprising that no one has created a serious and beautiful book on the subject…until now. Through A Quiet Greatness, we hope to shine a light on the most interesting and truly special cars from Japan, highlight this nation’s great automotive accomplishments, and legitimize their place in the collector car universe. Many of the greatest cars from Japan never made it to the U.S. and have been largely unknown throughout most of the world. Our aim with A Quiet Greatness was to create a reference work for those interested in discovering the vast and magical landscape of Japanese automobiles.” – Authors Mark R. Brinker and Myron T. Vernis