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AUGIE PABST Behind the Wheel

Augie Pabst was one of the best American sports car racers from 1956-1965. He started in small production cars and progressed rapidly to the best and fastest sports racing cars of the day. Along the way he scored many major victories and won two National Championships. He not only raced on all the major US and Canadian courses, but also on the international stage at Le Mans, Brands Hatch, and Nassau. His career was marked by two-year stints at three of the very best American teams; Meister Bräuser, Briggs Cunningham, and Mecom. He raced against and often beat not only the top US drivers, but many international stars as well.

Pabst had a disarming boyish charm, accentuated by a wide smile and engaging personality. He raced hard, won often, and had a great time while doing it. He was a favorite on and off the track and was well-liked by all who came into contact with him: fellow drivers, team members, and fans everywhere.






Hop Up  Magazine Volume 12 No 1










CARRERA 2.7 carrera 2.7


The soul of the legendary Carrera 2.7 RS lives on within the Carrera 2.7 MFI

Serious automotive enthusiasts consider Porsche’s Carrera 2.7 RS to be the archetypical 911…and deservedly so. The cars are light, responsive, purposeful and the type 911/83 engine delivers scintillating performance. Over the last 40 years the 2.7 RS has been covered in dozens of books and articles. Yet its successor – a car with the identical engine and similar DNA – remains either unknown or misunderstood even by long-time Porsche enthusiasts. That car is the Carrera 2.7 MFI. This book tells the complete story of these remarkable, unheralded sports cars.

The Carrera 2.7 book has been meticulously researched using the Porsche factory archives, private collections, period documentation and intensive study. The book attempts to cover everything an owner, restorer, historian or enthusiast would want to know about this intriguing 911 variant. Content includes comprehensive discussion of original options, photos of key details, insights into factory production, competition history and a considerable amount of material never before published. Although primarily focused on the top-of-the-line mechanically-fuel injected Carrera 2.7, this book will also prove valuable to enthusiasts of any of the Porsche 911 and 930 Turbo models produced during the mid-1970s.

The blue Limited Edition of 2,500 numbered hardcover copies is offered in English with five-color printing on high-quality paper and enclosed within a protective slipcase.

  • 10 ¼ × 11 ¾ inches (26.0 × 29.9 cm)
  • 406 pages, hardcover with slipcase
  • 684 color photos, 146 b/w photos, 50 illustrations
  • Over 530 never-before-published photos





THE V-12 ENGINE v-12

Karl Ludvigsen

The V12 Engine gives an unprecedented and in-depth overview of the significant and important V12-powered cars and the magnificent engines that powered them, from the smallest, the 1.1-litre Itala of 1926, to the largest, the 112-litre “Quad Al” of 1965 powered by four Allison twelves.

Karl Ludvigsen, award-winnng automotive historian and author of the acclaimed Porsche: Origin of the Species takes the reader behind the scenes of the creation of the greatest twelves of all time, from the effortless urge of the luxurious Hispano-Suiza of the 1930s to the scintillating surge of the Lamborghini supercars of the 1960s. You’re trackside at the epic battles of Grand Prix twelves in the 1930s and 1990s and you’re in the boardrooms of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz as they battle for V12 supremacy into the 21st Century.

From the first-ever V12 engine of 1904, Ludvigsen traces the type’s evolution through the first European twelve, a 1913 Sunbeam, to the 1915 Packard in America, inspired by a 1908 Schebler. In 1917 Americas mania for multicylinders saw 16 marques offering V12 cars at New York’s show. Britain’s Daimler pioneered them in Europe, where Horch, Tatra, Voisin, Maybach and Hispano-Suiza built twelves.

Not all were successful. Lagonda had mixed fortunes with its twelves and Rolls-Royces Phantom III was an epic loss-maker. Cadillac left its “V-Future” V12 in the garage while Mercedes-Benz made only a handful of its twelves before World War II stopped play. Among Formula 1 entries the efforts of Porsche, MGN and Life were pitiful flops while Honda, Ferrari, BRM and Matra enjoyed success.

Lavishly illustrating The V12 Engine with rare photos and drawings from his Ludvigsen Library, the author explains how and why twelves evolved as they did and introduces such major movers as Jesse Vincent of Packard, Sunbeam’s Louis Coatalen, Louis Delage, W.O. Bentley, Sir Henry Royce, Hispano’s Marc Birkigt, Ferruccio Lamhorghini, Sir William Lyons of Jaguar, Bugatti’s Paolo Stanzani and, of course, Enzo Ferrari. He brings to life their struggles to achieve their aims and quotes contemporary verdicts on their cars.

Ferrari’s fabulous Enzo V12 brings the story up to date, along with contemporary twelve-cylinder engines from Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, BMW, Maybach, Aston Martin, Maserati and Rolls-Royce, and such newcomers to the V12 ranks as Toyota, Bentley, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Peugeot and Audi.

Blending business with technology, racing with record-breaking and luxury carriages with supercars, The V12 Engine takes the reader on a high-speed journey through some of the most exciting and exotic cars ever made.





J. Dean Salinas Cover Final.indd James Dean on the Road to Salinas


On September 30, 1955, 24-year-old James Dean became immortal. While his young life ended in a car crash, James Dean passed into the realm of American folklore, where his memory remains today.

What exactly happened on that fateful day 60 years ago? What events led to the tragic accident that cost Dean his life? What became of the people and vehicles involved in that unguarded moment at Cholame? Is there any truth to the idea of a “curse” associated with Dean and his Porsche Spyder? And what do the major landmarks of the last few months of Dean’s life look like today?

Foremost James Dean researcher and expert Lee Raskin answers these questions and more in James Dean: On the Road to Salinas. He paints a vivid picture of Dean’s life during that last summer, as he began to race his Porsche Speedster, filmed his third leading role in the movie Giant, and acquired the infamous 550 Spyder that he dubbed, “Little Bastard.” Raskin provides a detailed timeline of the rising movie star’s last 12 hours, while debunking numerous “factoids” that continue to circulate prominently in accounts of Dean’s life and fatal crash.

James Dean: On the Road to Salinas is the definitive account of the last months of James Dean’s life. It is a must-read for any James Dean fan, Porschephile, or enthusiast of American popular culture of the 20th century.


The Wheeler Dealers Car Restoration Manual









Ruth Ann Fruehauf


The story of August Fruehauf’s invention of the tractor-trailer and the company and industry he created.  A sweeping tale of a classic American enterprise and of the country it helped to grow, from the start of World War One to the end of the 20th century.









SIGNED by Brett Barris

“King of the Kustomizers” is the sobriquet given to George Barris, the most phenomenal kustom car builder ever. His contributions to American car culture include creating some of the best known cars of the 20th Century, like the original TV Batmobile and Munsters Koach, as well as made-to-order vehicles for movies, TV, corporate sponsors and the private use of the rich and famous. A multimedia artist in his own right whose designs have embraced toys, model kits, mini-bikes, motor homes and motorized surfboards, Barris has also enjoyed success as a photographic chronicler of celebrity and pop culture over decades, capturing the car-crazed zeitgeist of his times as it carried him to the crest of fame itself. The definitive work on a legend, King of the Kustomizers: The Art of George Barris features nearly 500 pages jam-packed with never-before-seen photos, concept drawings and blueprints covering the full spectrum of Barris’ design genius and celebrity lifestyle. Written by an all-star line-up of contributors, the book contains many untold stories and rare images from both the famous and not so famous works of George Barris that helped define American pop culture as we know it. A generous selection of Barris tribute art —some created especially for this volume —by a legion of artistic admirers is also included to showcase his enduring influence and legacy. This is one ride you don’t want to miss!



Not to be missed work: only 1,000 copies, the history of the brand Abarth enclosed in two volumes, 1000 pages, all in an elegant box with carbon color plot.

This set of books contains the collection of documents brought together by Sergio Seccatore, the technical designer who helped to make Abarth a prestigious marque of worldwide renown. It has unique historical value and represents the culmination of a long and painstaking research effort. Through the period photographs, brochures and technical drawings runs the story of an automobile firm which played a leading role in car innovation and brought Italy great prestige in international racing. Among the wealth of original documents are unpublished interviews, personal reminiscences and internal correspondence which succeed in recreating the climate of Abarth of those years: the fresh ink of the drawings, the smell of oil and paints, the gleam of polished bodywork, the smoky haze of the workshops and the roar of engines being tested, as well as the expertise and genius of those who made it an unforgettable name. These pages seek to commemorate the “soul” of each car model, leaving each to tell its own story. Together they weave an extraordinary account of dedication and the modus operandi which have left their mark on the designs and technical characteristics of the vehicles.







Limited edition of 1,000 copies. It ‘a kind of third volume that traces the history of sports with the alphabetical list of more than 1,500 drivers who have raced with different models of the Abarth brand.

They are listed in the 640 pages over 6000 victories. Including a rich photographic unpublished. Probably the most comprehensive technical guide to the races of the Abarth.

This book is a ‘dictionary’ of the racing drivers through whom Carlo Abarth wrote some of the most memorable pages of the history of Italian car championships. We find here all those who brought world fame to the Scorpion, listed one by one, with reports detailing the results they achieved – almost incredible for those times.






If you’re a Bonneville history buff, this two-book set SCTA Bonneville National Speed Trials – 1949–1968 is for you. These two books are a compilation of Bonneville racing history, each with a chronological reproduction of the first twenty years of all the actual racing programs from 1949-1968. This never before assembled set of programs has previously been impossible to find.
Here you have it all in this one book set!
Book-1 guides you into the history of the times as young adrenalin seekers see the need for an even playing field of rules in world of land speed racing, leading to the formation of the SCTA in the later 1930s. This section is illustrated with early dry lakes photos and details. Following is a Racers’Gallery which is then flows into a complete reproduction of every page of Bonneville programs from 1949-1958.
Book-II shares every page of the Bonneville programs from 1959-1968.
Together, the books total over 680 pages.
A must, for any land speed enthusiast!

Limited Edition





TURK The Lives I’ve Lived

 Bob Tarozzi

A Memoir of automobile racing in the 1950’s through the 1990’s as viewed from the trenches when performance was the solution, not the problem.






Some call them the best air-cooled Porsches ever, others the best cars in the world. They are the Porsche 911 sports cars that have been restored, re-imagined, and reborn by Singer Vehicle Design.

Michael Harley and Rob Dickinson



porsche victory

One year on from Porsche’s return to top level sports car racing, and in front of more than 200,000 spectators, the brand celebrated its 17th overall win at the Le Mans 24 hours. The close-knit team celebrated as one as the Porsche 919 Hybrid, driven by Nico Hülkenberg, Earl Bamber and Nick Tandy crossed the finish line. Months of preparation led to this extraordinary result, after 24 hours of hard racing. The tension during the final lap was palpable, and the tears of joy as the chequered flag waved could hardly be contained. Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard completed the 1-2 for Porsche by finishing second overall. In the GT-Pro class, one of the two works-entered 911s secured fifth place while in the GT-Am category, Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey finished second in class after a performance worthy of a film script. In words and images, this book documents the entire story of the Porsche teams during the 83rd running of the Le Mans 24 Hours, from the presentation of the cars to the final result, via the test day, scrutineering, the practice sessions and the drivers’ parade and also, of course, all the action from the great race.






The story of the NEW Petersen Museum

  • 1st Edition.
  • Limited Edition: Only 1000 produced.
  • Each book is numbered by hand.



abarthAbarth Memories is a new book dedicated to the famous Scorpion trademark. What you will read in the 240 pages of Abarth Memories is the story of a great company told directly by the protagonists. You will find the portrait of Carlo Abarth – of the man, the businessman, the versatile character that he was – painted by those who worked side by side with him. You will find the stories told by his employees, collaborators, and drivers: men and women who lived the Abarth myth personally. In fact, they did even more than that: they contributed in a significant way to the development of what will always be known as the speed factory.
So, the book is a fascinating trip down memory lane, with the stories of personal experiences intertwined with previously unpublished photographs. The protagonists are subdivided according to their roles in the company: the technicians, drivers, test-drivers, mechanics, test-room workers, clerks. There are also people who worked in the exhaust department and the Autoboutique. At the beginning of the book, there are the recollections – defined as “retrospective” – of Lorenzo Avidano (Carlo Abarth’s right-hand man for more than twenty years) and, the Austrian genius’ third wife, Anneliese Abarth.



spitfireThis book presents a fresh angle on the Spitfire by examining the contribution to its development and achievements by over 65 people – some famous, others not – ranging from politicians to pilots.

Published to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, this book presents a fresh angle on the Spitfire by examining the contribution to its development and achievements by over 65 people, some famous, others not. Without the courage and tenacity of some leading political and military figures and the hard work of lesser-known mortals, there would have been no Spitfire, no Battle of Britain and no ultimate victory in 1945. Many people in positions of power played their part in the ultimate success of the Spitfire, but a few staked their reputations on a radical design that brought together the best in British design, technology and ingenuity. This book tells many significant individual stories.

– Political people: Sir Winston Churchill (voice in the wilderness and wartime leader), Air Marshal Sir Wilfred Freeman (senior champion of the Spitfire in the Air Ministry), Lord Beaverbrook (Minister for Aircraft Production).

– Design and development people: Reginald Mitchell (chief designer 1934-36), Joe Smith (chief designer 1936-47), Jeffrey Quill (test pilot), Ernest Hives (Rolls-Royce experimental head and key player in the design of the Merlin engine), Sir Stanley Hooker (mathematician and Merlin engine developer), the ladies of Vickers Supermarine at Trowbridge (factory workers).

– Operational people: James ‘Johnny’ Johnson (highest-scoring Spitfire ace), Henry Cozens (first squadron commander), Geoffrey Wellum (youngest Battle of Britain pilot), Douglas Bader (Spitfire wing leader and inspirational disabled pilot).

– Experimental people: Tony Martindale (RAE Farnborough test pilot), Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown (chief naval test pilot and the first man to land a Seafire on an aircraft carrier).

– Heritage people: Ray Hanna (Old Flying Machine company), Carolyn Grace (the only female owner/pilot in the world), Phill O’Dell (chief test pilot at Rolls-Royce and Spitfire display pilot).

– Published to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.



winfieldGene Winfield’s TV & Movie Cars Commercials and Special Projects


For almost seven decades Gene Winfield has been one of the most-respected Rod & Custom builders in the Industry.  But Gene’s talents are truly multi-dimensional, and what many might not be aware of is the fact that through the year’s Gene has also left his mark firmly imprinted in the TV & Movie Industry…as well as TV Commercials and many other important Projects that he’s been associated with.



forestRACING THROUGH THE FOREST – The History of the 1950-1956 Pebble Beach Road Races

A documentary film produced by renowned racecar driver Rick Knoop and filmmaker Dean Kirkland.

The documentary was filmed over approximately three years and includes 50 interviews of legendary names in road racing such as Fred Knoop, Mick Marston, Bill Pollack, Jim Hall and Phil Remington. It chronicles the events from the first through the last Pebble Beach Road Races, which included legends like Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill and Bill Pollock.

Blu Ray





l-annee-automobile-n-63-2015-2016Automobile Year #63 2015-2015

Latest edition of the world’s most complete annual review of Automotive events and milestones.


No English version will be published.








DeTomaso: From Buenos Aires to Modena: The History of an Automotive Visionary

Arriving in Modena during the post-war years of economic boom, Alejandro de Tomaso was the ambitious protagonist of an exciting story involving intense competition between gentlemen sportsmen and industrial dynasties. The Vallelunga, the Mangusta, and the Pantera; the cars de Tomaso developed have since become icons from that era. Profusely illustrated, the narrative concentrates on de Tomaso’s early years as a racing driver and innovative car designer and manufacturer using newly released photographs and documents from the de Tomaso private archives, and with the cooperation and assistance of the de Tomaso family. It includes walk-on roles for Enzo Ferrari, the Maserati and Orsi brothers and Lee Iacocca.







Arriving in Modena during the post-war years of economic boom, Alejandro de Tomaso was the ambitious protagonist of an exciting story involving intense competition between gentlemen sportsmen and industrial dynasties. The Vallelunga, the Mangusta, and the Pantera; the cars de Tomaso developed have since become icons from that era. Profusely illustrated, the narrative concentrates on de Tomaso’s early years as a racing driver and innovative car designer and manufacturer using newly released photographs and documents from the de Tomaso private archives, and with the cooperation and assistance of the de Tomaso family. It includes walk-on roles for Enzo Ferrari, the Maserati and Orsi brothers and Lee Iacocca.





porsche drive

Porsche Drive: 14 Passes in 4 Days

After his last book Escapes, Stefan Bogner returns to the Alps again with this illustrated book. This time he did not only photograph particular routes, but he looked for the ideal tour through the Alps: 3 countries, 15 passes – the perfect little escape for 4 days.

Different from Bogner’s photographs in Escapes or CURVES, where Bogner just presents dreamlike empty streets, Porsche Drive focuses on the journey in Porsche models like Porsche 906, Porsche 911, Porsche 918 and more. Stefan Bogner drives his own Porsche 911 1970 ST.

Apart from Bogner‘s photographs, Porsche Drive offers information on each route and height profile. Thus you can follow Bogner‘s itinerary on a long weekend.





targaTarga Florio: 20th Century Epic

Many years ago in Sicily, the legend of the “Coppa Florio” and “Targa Florio” road races became one of the most emotive and prestigious expressions in world motor racing, second only to the mythical Mille Miglia. “Coppa Florio” began in 1905 while “Targa Florio” in 1906, at the dawn of motoring civilisation and evolved over the years, hand-in-hand with the ever growing popularity of the car itself. The narrow and tortuous roads of the Sicilian mountains were testimony to the feats of Fiat, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari and Porsche: manufacturers who alternated year after year at the top of the final classification of one of the toughest races in history, a race rich in allure and an ever present peril. On the occasion of the Targa Florio Centenary the book retraces this charming epics thanks to a vivid text and hundred of pictures, many of them unpublished. The work is complemented by a rich appendix (150 pages) reporting the complete results of all the Coppa and Targa Florio editions.







A compilation of the best of Toly Arutunoff as only he could tell the stories.

The book comes with a t-shirt featuring one of his own amazing photos and a bumper sticker.



mcqthemanSteve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans – DVD

Though Steve McQueen is known for iconic film roles in movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullitt, the actor was also a real racing fanatic. And in 1971, McQueen tried to combine his passion for racing and filmmaking by directing and starring in Le Mans, a racing drama about the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, the world’s oldest active sports car event in endurance racing.

From on-set rivalries to financial problems and McQueen’s own personal issues, this documentary takes a look at everything that went wrong with Le Mans. Never before seen footage featuring McQueen is used along with interviews and other private recordings to show just how far the actor was willing to go to bring this racing feature to the big screen.

Blu Ray




apexdvdProduced and narrated by Brad Pitt, HITTING THE APEX tells the inside story of six fighters – six of the fastest motorcycle racers of all time – and of the fates that awaited them at the peak of the sport. It’s the story of what is at stake for all of them: all that can be won, and all that can be lost, when you go chasing glory at over two hundred miles an hour – on a motorcycle.

Watch the Trailer





Pistons, Passions, Pleasures, A Sicilian Dream is the story of the Targa Florio, the great road race formerly held on Sicily. Alain de Cadenet and Francesco da Mosto head to the ‘Granary of Italy’ in Alain’s Alfa Romeo to explore the course of the long-distance classic and to find out about its history. Through dramatic reconstructions we hear how the Targa Florio was dreamt up by Vincenzo Florio, the son of a notable Sicilian family who longed to put his Island home back on the international scene. The film explores the rich and varied history of the gruelling race that wound its way through the sublime Sicilian landscape for nearly seventy years.

Watch Trailer




dino v6Dino: The v6 Ferrari

Although not the fastest or the most powerful Ferrari, the beautiful lines of the Dino have inspired generations of enthusiasts. This book covers the full story of the Dino, from Pininfarina concept car through to the final production model, illustrated throughout with contemporary material. The book features THE definitive record of the little V6 Ferrari and its Fiat sibling ‘Dino’, named after Enzo’s son. It contains full year-by-year coverage of production models with the American and European markets covered in great detail. There are over 250 contemporary photos, mainly in color, along with contemporary advertising and brochures.





Ray_CoverAndrew Layton

Dick Wallen

Ray Crawford-Speed Merchant

A California Grocer’s Love Affair with Risk, From P-38 Lightnings to the Indianapolis 500



One of the most versatile race car drivers of the 1950s, Ray Crawford did it all, on and off the track. From P-38 fighter ace to pioneering jet test pilot, to a multi million dollar supermarket mogul, Ray’s one-of-a-kind story comes to life through Andrew Layton’s finely crafted text and over 250 rare images presented by the legendary Dick Wallen. Together with a personal foreword by Alice Hanks, Ray Crawford – Speed Merchant is as much a tribute to a hard-charging era of motorsports as it is a tour-de-force exploration of one of one of the most incredible personal journeys you’ve never heard of.”



lemans2015World-renown, the race 24 Hours of Le Mans draws competitors from France of course, but also throughout Europe, the USA, Japan, but also Venezuela, China, Brazil. That’s why the test is the cornerstone of the new World Endurance Championship FIA.

Since 1978, the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans, through the same editorial team, proposes to revive by the text but especially by the image but also the race preparations and fever that grips Prefecture Sarthe throughout the week prior to departure. All cars and drivers are presented. Preliminary tests at the explosion of joy after the checkered flag through the weighing, the parade of drivers and especially the highlights of each hour, nothing is missing.

For the more passionate, a technical chapter with tables and statistics finishes complete the set. And making use of recognized photographers, the atmosphere that continues to evolve between late afternoon, night and sunrise in a different setting from that of a traditional circuit is fully restored.




18760“Found sheltering in a garage was one of just three Maserati A6G 2000 Berlinettas with coachwork by Frua, dating from 1956. And then, beneath piles of magazines, they discovered something even more exciting… a Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider, with covered headlights, a car whose first owner was comedian Gérard Blain… Blain sold the Ferrari to actor Alain Delon, who was on several occasions photographed at the wheel – accompanied, in 1964, by Jane Fonda.” Classic Driver

A Maserati A6G 2000 Gran Sport. A Facel Vega Excellence. A Hispano-Suiza H6B. A Bugatti 57 Ventoux. Alain Delon’s Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. Several Talbot-Lago, Delahaye and Voisin – the list of classic automobiles, forgotten for decades on an estate in Échiré in south-western France, is almost unbelievable. That was not what the owner, the haulier Roger Baillon, had in mind. He intended to establish the first automobile museum of France before financial setbacks forced him to sell part of his impressive collection. What was left of his dream, his descendants have now handed to other collectors.
Before the cars were auctioned in early 2015, French photographer Rémi Dargegen took pictures of the incredible “Baillon Collection”. When the photo sessions at Château Gaillard started, Rémi Dargegen had not expected to find such a huge treasure trove of classic automobiles: “Unbelievable, just unbelievable. This place is unique. What is most impressive, is the sheer number of cars that were stored in the barns.” That enthusiasm is reflected in his photographs, presented for the first time in this book: Baillon Collection. It is also the first publication of a “barnfind”; historically unique and outstanding in dimension.





A book about Carrozzeria Sports Cars (popularly known as Drogo) is long overdue. Their vast body of work has never been properly documented.

To this day Carrozzeria Sports Cars remains largely uncharted territory to most cat enthusiasts. Even some Specialists (journalists, historians) seem to think that Drogo only produced a handful of bodies for Ferraris. In reality they made over 50 different body shapes for a variety of brands.

In an effort to draw some well-deserved attention to the fabulous legacy of Carrozzeria Sports Cars, we have endeavored to painstakingly reconstruct and document the vast body of work Piero Drogo, his associates and his workers have produced.




turbo-40LIMITED EDITION “40” – Porsche 911 Turbo – Air Cooled Years 1975-1998 (published on 10.15.2015)
In spring 1975, the first Porsche 911 Turbo rolled to the dealers in the sales exhibition. Nearly 40 years later the car that changed the world, become a legend. “40” – Porsche 911 Turbo – Aircooled Years – tells the story of the sports car legend, starting with the prototype at the IAA 1973 and the last air-cooled 993 Turbo model year 1998. proved With the introduction of turbocharging in the standard sports cars that still young company Porsche their courage and innovativeness. The extraordinary success of the 911 Turbo contributed at the legendary sports car brand. In addition to mass-produced vehicles, the book is also intensively on special editions, such as the ten 930 Turbo S for Sonauto, the 964 Turbo Cabriolet, the 993 Turbo Cabriolet, or the 911 Turbo “package cars” from 1994, whose existence until today hardly anyone knows. The book was produced in close collaboration with the historical archive of Porsche AG and previously unpublished photographs showing. Rounding out this work is a detailed statistical part, to the internationally recognized Porsche expert Norbert Franz has created exclusive. Thus can be published for the first time the detailed numbers of each lot produced 911 Turbos. Furthermore, for the first time all the chassis numbers of original factory uprated vehicles are documented. The book is published in a strictly limited edition of 2015 copies worldwide. Hardcover, 270 pages, German / English





HB_Jacket_POWER WITHOUT GLORY Racing the Big-Twin Cooper

This book is a new look at the early history of the modern racing car. It explores the influences behind the first Coopers including V-twin engined record breaking motorcycles, hillclimb and sprint specials and dirt track speedway cars. The engine and chassis designs and the racing and hillclimbing of the early post-war years are described and illustrated by hundreds of previously unpublished photographs and drawings.

The pedigree of the modern racing car is usually considered to have originated with the classic marques of Europe. In this book, the author suggests that the clearest line of descent started before World War 1 with the ‘boy’ racers of California and was developed between the wars by the ‘special’ builders of England. In building their first car in 1946, Charles and John Cooper were strongly influenced by these antecedents. When they mated their offspring with JAP motorcycle engines a new breed emerged. Motor racing was never to be the same again.

Power Without Glory is printed four-colour on 150gsm satin-coated paper and is hard-back bound with a laminated colour jacket. There are 352 pages, 254 x 203mm, and 300 colour or duotone racing, car, engine and document images. The photos have come from some of the very best photographers including the collections of Guy Griffiths, Louis Klemantaski, Autocar, Motor and Motor Sport.

carrera rs

The new edition of the Carrera RS book gained 178 pages over the first, sold-out edition of 1992. Many new insights and findings found their way into the 2015 edition. A vast amount of yet unreleased historical photographs illustrate the motorsport career of this legendary model.

The book describes the origin of the “Carrera legend,” which is followed by a portrayal of earlier Carrera types. The key part of the book are the chapters that cover the development and technical specifications of the Carrera RS. The optional equipment is shown in detail. The technical aspects and motorsport career of the RSR race version is extensively documented. The research for the new edition spanned over three full years and the authors were happy that Porsche opened its archive for them, allowing glimpses of internal notes and other period documentation.

The revised text goes hand in hand with an abundance of unknown historical photographic material. The book lists all 1,580 Carrera RS built, giving all production details on colors, equipment and interior – the ideal reference book for aficionados, collectors and restorers. The 434 page strong book has been published in two languages (German and English). Both editions are numbered and limited to 3,000 copies. The English version is yellow clothbound and is protected by a brown cloth slip case.

– Numbered and limited edition of 3.000 copies
– 434 pages
– 25.7 x 29.9 cm
– Clothbound cover and slipcase
– Over 1.000 photographs and illustrations
– English edition, published August 2015







“The achievements of exceptional people have long been celebrated by fascinating biographies – and Porter Press is now doing the same for some very special cars.

Great Cars Series

This magnificent book (the second title in our Great Cars series) tells the story of the most important Porsche 917 of all – the one that gave Porsche its first victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours. In 1970 the world’s greatest sports car race was ravaged by periods of torrential rain but through it all came 917-023, driven by Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood, to achieve a landmark success for the German manufacturer. This book provides detailed insight into not only this race but also the six others in which 917-023 took part, supported by a superb collection of period photographs, many in colour. All Porsche fans will love this addition to the ‘Great Cars’ series.


Il Cavallino Nel Cuore For the first time, one of the major names in Italian car design tells his story  from the beginning; from when he made his first sketches on paper, unbeknown to his parents and not only of cars, to reaching a point at which his name became synonymous with some of the best known and most important cars on the international front. In his 23-year career at Pininfarina, Leonardo Fioravanti, who was first a designer and architect, then managing director and director general of ‘Studi & Ricerche’ department, created some of the most beautiful Ferraris of all time; they ranged from the 1965 250 LM sports coupe Speciale to the immortal 1968 Daytona through to the 1975 308 GTB and GTS and the 1984 288 GTO, as well as the P5 and P6 of 1968. While continuing his Ferrari essay during his Pininfarina career, Fioravanti also guided the creation of numerous other projects, among them the Dino road car, the 1980 Pinin four-door prototype and went on to the 1984 Testarossa and the 1987 F40. He worked for the Fiat Group from 1988 until 1991, during which time he took on the roles of deputy director general of Ferrari, later became responsible for advanced design CRF and then head of the Fiat Styling Centre. In 1987, he founded Fioravanti srl, an architectural studio, and in 1991 he extended his services to industry, in particular the design of means of transport. Images of an epoch, designs from his own personal archive never previously seen and, above all, a passionate first person account. Those are the key elements of this outstanding book which, through the creations of Leonardo Fioravanti, covers over 50 years of the history of automobile style and culture.


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