Richard Kelley


Waiting is the story of a rookie photojournalist immersed in Formula One’s golden age of the 1970s and 1980s. Aged just 19, Richard Kelley saw the need to faithfully document the sport’s lethal dangers, iconic personalities, and technological developments in a period of seismic change, which caused F1’s unique character to disappear forever. After only nine months of photographic education, Kelley began using his remarkable talent to observe and capture F1 drivers’ decisive moments. He sought his images as a fly on the wall, consciously disappearing among this band of brothers to allow the emotion and power of the moment to blend, developing a cinematic style that grows more contemporary every year. Waiting is a powerful and unique documentary of the world of F1 from 1972 through to 1984. From Gilles Villeneuve’s first moments with Ferrari to Francois Cevert’s final morning and Niki Lauda’s resurrection, Kelley’s omnipresent lens and enlightening memoir capture an intimacy and humanity that Grand Prix history will never again witness.