Vintage Racing British Sports Cars


Terry Jackson

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A Hands-On Guide to Buying, Tuning, and Racing Your Vintage Sports Car

The variety of cars, colors and the sense of “history come to life” makes vintage racing one of the most thrilling and popular forms of motorsport competition. As Stirling Moss observes, “It has to be a very blasé person who doesn’t feel their adrenalin rising when the starter’s flag falls.” Author Terry Jackson has interviewed racers, tuners, and race organizers and created the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to vintage racing. This book takes you marque-by-marque through the exciting-and still relatively affordable-world of British sports cars. It tells you how to select and buy the right car, how to prepare it for the track, and how to get started if you’ve never raced before. This book offers race-proven preparation tips and modifications for each specific model: how to get more horsepower, better cornering performance, and increased reliability. These are actual setups that the best racers are running. With 225 photographs, including fascinating historical shots of the cars in competition, this is the essential book for all vintage racers and British car enthusiasts.