Vallelunga Racetrack: Un Autodromo per Roma 1951-2000


Franco Carmignani 


The Vallelunga Racetrack is located about forty kilometers north of Rome in the town of Campagnano. From 1957 on, with the race – Esso Six Hours – on the new asphalt track, Vallelunga has hosted hundreds of car and motorcycle races, starting with the Rome Grand Prix that found its definitive home at Vallelunga. In this arc of time, all the greatest champions of car and motorcycle racing have passed through Vallelunga, and some of them were even trained here, attesting to the technical validity of the facility. The soundness of the track has been underscored in more recent times by the spectacular success of the Super Touring races and the Silver and Gold Cups and by the constant presence of Audi, building its triumphs in Super Touring