The Last Great Road Race DVD



Ride shotgun 2000-miles across the heart of Mexico in a Benton-Built Porsche 356 Race-car.

In the 1950’s the Mexican government created a race to celebrate the opening of the Pan-American Highway. Cancelled after only four years because of too many fatalities, and revamped in the late 80s, the rally today is widely considered the world’s last true great road race.

The 2000-mile, seven-day road rally snakes its way through the heart of Mexico, From Veracruz on the Gulf, to the mountain region of Zacatecas. The cars are required to be pre-1975, but can be modified to anything from enthusiast to a NASCAR-like setup with nearly 1000+ hp.

Classes divide the field of more than 80 competing teams running Porsches, Alfa Romeos, Mustangs, Studebakers, and many other vintage cars outfitted specifically for racing. The entire race is 100% legal as it is escorted by Federal police who compete for the honor to support the event.

John Benton from Benton Performance, a vintage Porsche shop in Anaheim and their team runs a modified 1962 Porsche 356b in Sport Menor class competing for a shot at the title.

Costing a small fortune to even compete, La Carrera is an iconic event and as there isn’t any substantial cash prize, what’s at stake you might ask? Egos and bragging rights.

Ride along to find out if Team Benton Performance can overcome the demands of the race, everything from emergency repairs in the middle of transit stages to drivers rolling their cars on speed stages and the prestige of driving a six-decade old car flat-out through Mexico.