The Complete Catalogue of the Mini: Over 500 variants from around the world, 1959-2000


Chris Rees


The original Mini was offered in hundreds of variants during its extraordinarily long, 40-year production run.

First there were the standard Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor saloon, van, pick-up and estate versions. Then came a whole family of Mini-Coopers, the upmarket Wolseley and Riley models, the Moke and the Clubman.

It went on from there until there were dozens of models and special editions around the globe, and individual countries applying their own modifications to the Mini.

All of these are covered in The Complete Catalogue of the Mini, with photographs, descriptions, specifications, performance figures, and production dates and numbers. Whether you want to look up or identify a particular Mini or simply absorb the enormous range and variety of the Mini’s incarnations, this, never attempted before, is the book.