Studebaker’s 1962-64 Gran Tourismo Final Flight of the Hawk


Mark James


This book pulls together all of the important elements of Studebaker’s final years as an American automobile company, including those developments that led to the GT Hawks. The book takes the reader on a journey from the GT Hawk’s progenitor, the celebrated 1953 Loewy Coupes and hardtops, through the high performance Super Hawks of 1963 and 1964. Chapters include: The 1962 Gran Turismo Hawk: Second Major Makeover of the 1953 Loewy Coupe; The 1963 Gran Turismo Hawk: Birth of the Super Hawk; The 1964 Gran Turismo Hawk: The Hawk’s Last Stand; Domestic Studebaker GT Hawk Specifications. Written by Mark L. James, his writing related to the history and development of the Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawks is both eloquent and elegant.