Retro Graphic


Gian Paolo Varetto

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When American Cars were a Way of Life

This book will allow you to enter the magical world of the historic American automobile with the aid of outstanding period photographs. Over 450 pages containing more than 600 pictures, selected by the author with informative captions, capturing moments in life associated with cars made in the USA. A fascinating tour using the automobile to illustrate American society, from the ’30s to the end of the ’70s, creating an exciting and unforgettable journey through time. A picture is worth a thousand words. With this in mind, this book illustrates an unforgettable bygone age. Retro Graphic will immerse you in the greatest history of the American automobile, from the 1930s to the end of the ’70s, with fascinating and previously unpublished photographs of the era. Retro Graphic is much more than simply a collection of photos, it is an atrtistic fresco of the US automobile seen through society at the time. A picturesque historical trip through the last century, which thanks to American cars has been impressed on our collective memories. When Detroit was known as the centre of the world, the American automobile was a way of life. A time when the car was a triumph of human style and design. When it was part of the choreography of the city streets and the landscape. When it became the indispensable co-star in films of the era. The American automobile: when it was an iconic companion through every stage of life. Title: RETRO GRAPHIC Dimensions: 24,5×30,5 cm Text: English and Italian Author: Gian Paolo Varetto Editor: Edizioni GP Pages: 450 Photos: over 600 b/w and colour Publication