My Father the Car: Memoirs of my Life with Studebaker


Stu Chapman


My Father The Car: Memoirs of my Life with Studebaker features rare memorabilia and photos from the Studebaker Corporation’s Advertising & Public Relations department along with Mr. Chapman’s personal stories and photos. This 7 x 10 inch, 144-page edition includes 48 full color pages with a soft bound, color cover. When Stu Chapman left his position of Director of Advertising and Public Relations for Studebaker in 1966, he inherited virtually all of the company’s memorabilia from the 1960s. This material, coupled with a thousand memories had left him as an effective spokesperson for Studebaker. Now Chapman has recorded all of these memories for posterity in his new book, My Father The Car: Memoirs of my Life with Studebaker. Studebaker history buffs and historic car fans alike, will appreciate all the previously untold tidbits of information offered in this new edition. A must have for any collector’s or enthusiast’s library.