Memories of the California Jalopy Association


Thomas D. Luce Parnelli Jones


MEMORIES OF THE CALIFORNIA JALOPY ASSOCIATION is an extraordinary book about West Coast jalopy racing of the fifties and early sixties. The racing, featuring mostly 32-34 Ford coupes and various other configurations was very popular and even seen on on national television. Jalopy Derby was a feature at Ascot, Gardena Stadium, L.A. Speedway, Orange Show, Riverside, Carrell, Balboa, etc. Drivers included names like Parnelli Jones, “Lover Boy” Bob Hogle, and Art Atkinson.

This soft-cover, glossy volume has lots of history and is crammed with over 1,550 incredible period photographs. Forward by Parnelli Jones.

Soft cover, 288 pages, black and white photographs.

Author Thomas D. Luce, forward by Parnelli Jones