Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races


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Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races DVD
The next best thing to being there

If there are children in your life who love the sights, sounds, and thrill of airplanes, then Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races is guaranteed to delight them. This high-quality video production brings front-and-center excitement right into your home, and it also provides aviation education that feels like fun and entertainment.

Our cameras provide high-definition, crystal-clear images that make you feel as if you’re right where the action is. You’ll see:

The majesty of great vintage airplanes as they move around the ramp
The awe of massive radial and Merlin engines roaring to life
Up-close-and-personal runway views of Formula One and Biplane aircraft
Rarely seen views of the T6-Class as they roar around the racing pylons
Unique shots of the Jet Class and Unlimited racers as they thread the pylons on the 8-mile course
Dramatic take-offs, taxiing, and landings

Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races also features interviews with top pilots in each of the racing classes. They share what it’s like to race each of these planes and explain how you, or your kids, can one day be a participant in the world’s fastest motorsport. They also offer information about airports and aviation in general, such as the purpose of a windsock and the meaning of the numbers and letters next to the runway.

This video takes you inside the races and gives you information and exciting visuals like no other production available today. If you combine this DVD with the official Reno Air Race DVD, you’ll have a great complement of entertainment and education that you can enjoy over and over again.