Inventors & Amateur Engineers Sourcebook


Julian Edgar


Inspiration for everyone who likes to tinker in their home workshop! 

The book is for everyone who likes to tinker in their home workshop! In Section 1: Ideas and Approaches, the author looks at how you can develop new projects and inventions. How to think laterally, how to get advice, and when you should stop theorising and start testing! In Section 2: Projects you can build, there is everything from a solar-heated cat or dog kennel – to a jet-powered scooter! From a simple and very cheap seismograph that’s sensitive enough to detect people walking up to your front door, to how you can build speakers into the walls and floor of your house. If you’d like to make an electric bike, you can see in detail how such a bike was achieved at home. There’s also cutting-edge technology (including developing tuned-mass dampers to reduce driving light vibration); a very sophisticated, fully suspended pedal-powered recumbent trike; and an aerodynamic electric car. You’d like to make a drill press or lathe tacho? – that’s covered as well. In fact, there are 19 different projects! Finally, want to know how can you get a whole lot of useful parts for nothing? In Section 3: Salvaging Parts, the author looks at the good bits you can find for nothing in discarded photocopiers, microwave ovens, cordless drills and air conditioners. The Inventors and Amateur Engineers Sourcebook has hours of entertainment packed into its pages. Browse it for an interesting read – or take it out to the home workshop and start putting the ideas straight into action!