Niels van Roij


In 1966 the Dino was on public display at the Turin Motor Show, in 1967 the first Giugiaro-drawn cars left the plant in Rivalta di Torino.

Now, 50 years later, the Dino is more popular than ever, time for a new book on the Dino. In 1966 the Italian publication AutoStylo published the first complete book of the Dino Coupé. In this anniversary year a group of Fiat Dino lovers decided to produce a remake of this wonderful book,

Fiat Coupé expert Wim W. Smith provided the content and Dutch car designer Niels van Roij redesigned the book, whilst Nuccio Bertone’s personal assistant and press officer Gian Beppe Panicco added his story to it. The result is a beautiful book, Il Coupé Dino Fiat, on a beautiful car, the Fiat Dino Coupé.

The hardcover book is filled with wonderful images.  Printed in a limited and numbered edition of only 500 copies.