Factory-Original Ford Capri Mk II & Mk III: The originality guide to all Capri models 1974 to 1987


James Taylor


Inspired by the success of the Ford Mustang “pony car” in the USA, Ford UK launched “The Car You Always Promised Yourself” in 1969 and it was an instant hit, with its long bonnet, sleek 2+2 coupé body, and low stance. For 1974, Ford launched the Capri II, with a new smooth body style, engines ranging from 1300 to 3000cc, and a plush Ghia version of the 3-litre model. In 1978 came the Capri Mk3 with yet more refinement and a four-headlamp nose.

These classic Fords now have an almost fanatical following, supported by some very active owner’s clubs. Good examples are eagerly sought, and with prices rising restoration has become a very viable proposition. An astonishing number of variants of the Capri Mk2 and Mk3 were offered, so they really need to be identified. Factory-Original Ford Capri Mk II & Mk III, companion to our 2017 title Factory-Original Ford Capri Mk I, does the job, taking the reader right through the production period and pinning down the correct factory specifications, equipment and finishes across the range. This information is backed up by 300 specially commissioned colour photographs of outstanding examples of the cars.