Brumos An American Racing Icon


Sean Cridland


Brumos: An American Racing Icon, by Sean Cridland covers the entire history of the Brumos team, going back to its roots in the early days of the 20th century, all the way up to the opening of the Brumos Collection in January 2020…and everything in between! The three volume set contains 1,500 pages with over 2,000 images, many never before seen.

Volume 1 Chronicles the historical events that led to the creation and development of one of the world’s most legendary teams.

Volume 2 Describes the explosive 1970s when Peter Gregg, Hurley Haywood, Jack Atkinson, and Porsche owned American GT racing.

Volume 3 Examines the challenges and victories of Brumos in the post-Peter Gregg era, from early 1981 until 2020.