Amarok Adventure Guide: Off-road in Europe


Lia Perenboom Christian Schlüter


From Sweden to Gran Canaria, from the Ukraine all the way to Portugal: the Amarok Adventure Guide presents 16 exciting European off-road tracks with varying levels of difficulty

Whether it’s a tunnel inside a mountain in Bulgaria or a desert in the East of Germany: Europe offers exciting off-road tracks for adventurers in many different countries. The Amarok Adventure Guide presents some of the most beautiful landscapes along these routes. A professional team made up of the author, a photographer, a videographer and a professional off-road driver took a trip through 16 European countries. Their vehicle: the new Volkswagen Amarok. The results of this amazing tour can be seen in this book and watched on the internet.

This book provides useful information about the visited locations, excels in technical knowledge about the new Amarok and invites the reader to drive along the paths mentioned in this book. Including geographical coordination of each location as well as tips and tricks for a safe off-road experience, it functions as the ultimate bible for Amarok drivers.