Return to Glory


Greg Littleton

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The Indianapolis 500 is dying. A hole was poked its soul nearly fifty years ago by unknowing people who thought that putting the engine behind the driver was progress. Since then life has slowly ebbed from the great spectacle where fearless men once dueled, sometimes to the death. Like American gladiators, they drove beautiful chairots before hundreds of thousands of adoring fans in the most amazing arena in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is early June 2010, the Indy 500, held the previous week, had once again been a very competitive race, attended by a crowd, that at one time would have been considered adequate for the firt day of Time Trials. The TV ratings have slipped and more importantly, the aura that once surrounded the great even has diminished. Last week’s race was run with cars tht no one remembers, driven by men and women that few can recall. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of this American icon. Tom Grey, the owner of the beautiful speedway makes a dramatic decision; “Gentlemen