Spyder California


George Carrick

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A FERRARI OF PARTICULAR DISTINCTION. Originally published in 1976, this is a complete chronology of the Spyder California (1958-1962) and the ultimate reference work for this model. Profusely illustrated, the author reviews the car in infinite detail and even includes information on its racing accomplishments. There are detailed charts of engine specifications, transmission, axle and chassis specifications by individual engine number and chassis number. There is also a complete listing of chassis numbers and production dates for both the LWB and SWB series and these listings are cross-indexed to the appropriate photographs within the text. An incredible effort by the author, it would be impossible to begin to estimate the hours of research that went into assembling the data and illustrations, truly a monumental accomplishment. The VelocePress edition presented here is unchanged from the original version and has not been updated. However, it has been re-format.