Intl. Air Power Review #16


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Focus Aircraft: HALE/MALE UAVs Pt. 2. Warplane Classic: Messerschmitt Bf 110. Air Power Analysis: US Dept. of Homeland Security. News Feature: Iraq – Air power in the counter-insurgency war. Special Feature: Sea Harrier farewell, Tucson Testers – the AATC. Air Combat: RAF Liberators at War Pt. 2. Variant File: Boeing 707 military variants Pt. 1. Pioneers & Prototypes: VTOL Flat-risers – Lockheed XV-4 and Ryan XV-5. Special Report: CVW-5 at home at Atsugi. Photo Report: Cruzex 2004. Debrief: F-16 EPAF M3 upgrade, Eurocopter Tiger for AAAC, Team 60 – Sweden’s ambassadors.