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The fruit of several years of study in multiple sources, public records and archives, archives of institutions such as the Aro-Club de France, family archives, this book traces the life of a remarkable man , Adolphe Clement (1855-1928), and the story of his business and industry. Over the years, the companies had different names and became known as “Clement-Bayard” . Locations in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), M Zires (Ardennes) and Pierrefonds (Oise) bear this name.
Orphaned very young, Adolphe Clement was a self-made man. By the age of forty-five he was producing the number one French motorcycle.. He then moved into the automotive industry, building at Mezieres and Levallois two extraordinary highly modern plants, the two largest in Europe. He also entered the aeronautical industry in 1908.
The first world war brought ruin to France but Clement -Bayard continued on as an auto manufacturer until 1922.

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