The Little Bastards


Jim Lindsay

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With multi-dimensional characters, humorous and painful personal encounters, and plenty of American nostalgia, The Little Bastards is a working class coming of age story accessible to all readers and ages. Fast cars, teenage rebellion, and experiments with manhood that escalate out of control provide an authentic context for what, at its core, is a shared American experience.

Sonny Mitchell and his friends are blue collar Oregon boys who are bursting out of the restraints of tame suburban life. They yearn for action, fast cars, and something more.

A bond forms between members of his club as they progress from bicycles to hot rods, and take on experiences of white-knuckle street racing, beer guzzling…and girls.

But as these kids approach adulthood, a dark edge jeopardizes lives as some take these new exhilarations too far. It will be up to Sonny to stop a tragedy that could destroy the girl he loves and alter the course of his life forever.