Buyer’s Guide to DeLorean Automobiles


James Espey


Many people, when shopping for a DeLorean, live in an area where the one they are considering may be the only one available for miles around. This means they often have nothing to compare it against, unlike more common collector vehicles. This book serves as a reference as to what is right, what is wrong, what to “snap up” and what to run away from. Buying the right DeLorean can be one of the greatest experiences of your life, and buying the wrong one can bury you in parts and service costs – use this book to learn more about the DeLorean car before you buy!

This softcover book has 122 pages and more than 200 full-color photos and illustrations. Written by an executive of the the DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) who has bought and sold more than 150 DeLorean cars since 1995 and worked with buyers and sellers from all over the world, you can learn from these experiences and get the right DeLorean for your desired usage and budget.