Famous Stock Car Engines


Bill Holder


“Famous Stock Car Engines is a book for anyone who wonders about what’s under the hood. From the early days of truly stock to all out, purpose built racing engines, this is the book that shows you that the factories are still in the driver’s seat. Written by two veteran motorsports writers, the sequence of how Detroit came into stock car racing from the start and helped elevate it to fantastic new heights is fully documented. It includes looks at the wining engines of stock car racing from year one to the very latest from Detroit and Japan. Includes a foreword by legendary racer Curtis “”Crawfish”” Crider. Chapters include detailed analysis of the Ford Flathead 239 – 255 CID V8s; Oldsmobile Rocket 303 – 371 CID V8s; Buick Century 322 – 364 CID V8s; The Hudson Hornet 308 CID Inline Six; Pontiac 287 – 421 CID V8s; Chevy Small Block 265 – 350 CID V8s; The Ford Y-Block Engine; First Generation Chrysler Hemi V8; The 348/409 Cubic Inch Chevy V8s; Chevy Big Block V8s; The Ford Big Block FE 427 V8; The Second Generation Chrysler 426 CID Hemi; Ford Boss 429 CID V8; AMC 366 V8 Engine; Ford Small Block V8s; The Grand National V6s of NASCAR; Restrictor Plate Engines; Chevy 358 CID SB2; The 2001 Dodge NASCAR Motor; The Toyota Tundra V8; and 2010 NASCAR Engines.