Pontiac: The Performance Years


Martyn L Schorr


Pontiac: The Performance Years represents a compilation of the best of three volumes covering the peak years of musclecar performance. The books were first published as part of the Quicksilver Supercar Series in the early 1980s. Out of print for decades, original editions of the books are coveted by collectors and rarely come up for sale. Not content to let collectors have all the fun, we’ve brought them back to provide a unique window into musclecar history. Pontiac is the brand that brought us the GTO in 1964 and created a whole new market segment: Supercars. First an option in 1964-1965 and then a full model line in 1966, the GTO was the first of the Supercar genre and was supported by incredibly creative marketing programs, in-your-face advertising, and almost endless option lists. Today we call vintage GTOs and competitive mid-size models with high-profile trim and large displacement, high-horsepower engines “musclecars.” Back then, though, it was the Supercar Sixties, and Pontiac started it all! Pontiac: The Performance Years is packed with a treasure trove of period photography and information from Pontiac engineering, specialty marketers like Royal Pontiac (Bobcat), and factory and private racecar builders.