Jaguar XJR7


Peter Bodensteiner

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“The company is technically bankrupt, and if we don’t do something positive, the banks will shut us down.”

Faced with financial oblivion in the early 1980s, Jaguar turned to racing—and an American racing team—to turn its image around. Jaguar hired the Group 44 team of Bob Tullius to build and race a new-from-scratch sports racing car in IMSA and LeMans competition, to pursue Jaguar’s belief that a successful racing effort would give the brand a new glow.

The XJR7, the subject of the second installment of the Stance & Speed Monograph Series, was the ultimate evolution of Group 44’s V-12 Jaguar racer. With it, Jaguar and Group 44 not only took the fight to Porsche’s dominant Porsche 956s and 962s; they also created one of the most beautiful and striking race cars of the 1980s.

photography by Peter Harholdt || text by Ted West || foreword by Bob Tullius

hardcover| 11 x 11 | 32 pages

Stance & Speed Monograph No. 2″