Where They Raced – Turn 3


Harold Osmer


“More auto racing has taken place in Southern California than any other place in the world.”

Where They Raced Turn3 is the long awaited revision of the original classic Where They Raced (out of print since 2012). The history remains unchanged but more images have been uncovered, stories are more detailed, and overall venue coverage is expanded upon.

The first official automotive meet in Southern California took place at Agricultural Park (eventual site of the Los Angeles Coliseum) during Fiesta Week in 1903. This spawned 178 additional auto racing venues ranging from Real Road Races to Board Track Speedways, Short Tracks, Big Ovals, and Drag Strips.

Venues appeared in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and on the current sites of Sea World in San Diego and Television City in Los Angeles along with four very different race tracks called “Ascot”(!).

Where They Raced Turn3 traces the rise-fall and rise again of auto racing and its impact on the urban landscape throughout Southern California. This book is less about Who and What raced in favor of the When and (right!) Where they raced. Chances are good that there was an auto racing venue within a few miles of wherever you are in Southern California. Look around, and listen for the echoes of the motors and the cheers from the fans…