Tutte Le Ferrari 1939-2014


Arnaud Meunier


Born on February 18, 1898, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari began to build his own cars after a career as a racing driver and team manager at Alfa Romeo. The first car was designed by Ferrari in 1939 but the first to bear his name was built in 1947: the 125 Sport for the competition. Then many models will emerge, including the legendary 250 GTO in 1962. The 40 years of the brand were celebrated with the F40, of which Enzo Ferrari had determined the general characteristics. This was his last creation, as he died August 14, 1988. 25 years ago the Commendatore left us and the brand is still there, continuing to offer beautiful sports cars proudly bearing the prancing horse. Tutte le Ferrari lists, in French, English and Italian, all the creations of the brand, retracing 75 years of myth.

By Arnaud Meunier . . 296 pages . 750 pictures . Format 210×240 mm

Foreward by Jim Glickenhaus

On a cold, Christmas Day shortly after the end of World War Two Enzo Ferrari sat in his small unheated office and thought about the future. Enzo had a great passion and a dream. His passion was race cars and his dream was that Cars bearing his name would be World Champions. So far he had built a few cars but it wasn’t until the third one he built 159S 002 that he was able to sell one based on it’s Win at the Turin GP. A Wealthy Candy Manufacturer wanted to buy a car “”like the Turin Winner”” and Ferrari sold his first car.

On that cold day Luigi Chinetti came to visit and told Enzo that there was a real market for his cars in the US and if Ferrari could build them Chinetti could sell them.

The passion realized the Dream. Over the years I have been very lucky to meet and know many of the people who were involved in this dream and collect and drive many wonderful Ferrari’s. To me my collection has been about history. The car that Raymond Sommer won the Turin GP in, The 1967 P 3/4 that won the 24 Hours of Daytona, Dino Competition that was the prototype show car for mid engine Ferrari Road Cars.

Over journey I got to watch amazing races and meet Drivers who raced in the day and Mechanics and artisans who built these pieces of History. At some point I decided to address the flaws I found in Ferrari Road Cars defrosters that didn’t defrost, electric windows that didn’t work etc and commission a totally re engineered, re designed Ferrari with Pininfarina that became Ferrari P 4/5 by Pininfarina. That adventure led to P 4/5 Competizione and our private race team that battled the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in our highly modified Ferrari F430.

Ferrari’s have faults. They don’t win every race but they do represent the Dream and The Passion that turns cars into pieces of History and Drivers in Champions.

Forza Ferrari!