Olivier de Serres


Traction Avant coupé, cabriolet, découvrable : Le charme à l’état pur

Among the biggest myths of the automobile, the Citroën Traction Avant with two doors, cabriolets and coupes (roadsters and faux-cabriolets according to the period names) occupy a place of choice. Indeed, endowed with a capital of seduction intense and enigmatic, but especially absolutely intact, this car with indisputable charm struts proudly alongside machines much more luxurious or more powerful. Even at a time when a 11 HP Traction was trading for a handful of cherries, the roadster inevitably earned respect. Its image and its harmonious forms remain associated with the countless black-and-white smiles displayed on the French or European coasts, the elegance contests or the carefree escapades of the late 1930s. This book deals with the phenomenon by a chronological approach to through four key periods of its history: the time of production, the time of forgetting, then the rebirth and finally the dedication that enthusiastic collectors give it today. Reference tool, this book provides unpublished production figures and precise elements of restoration by scratching the universe of replicas in passing. It goes through all the variants of versions 7 and 11, not to mention the 15 or the mysterious cabriolet 22. The models produced or sold abroad are also highlighted. A full chapter is devoted to derivatives and special bodies. Olivier de Serres knows his subject at his fingertips and can rely on knowledge acquired over the years in both design office and workshop. The reader thus has the assurance of reliable information where the feeling is authentic.

French text