TIG Welding: GTAW need to know for Beginners and the DIY Home Shop


Spencer Gould


Discover the world of TIG Welding.

This book is aimed at people new to TIG welding mostly learning for their own uses and those who have been away from it for quite some time and are looking to get back into it. Learning TIG may seem quite intimidating or if your not getting the results your looking for in your welds this book can help you get into this Fabrication method & guide you in the direction of Mastery. The book is setup in a need to know format and a first pass read takes about an hour or two in total. While you can hunt down and gather this info for free from other sources across the vast ocean known as the Internet as I did in the Beginning your looking at a 10 – 100X investment of your time with a good amount of confusion and potential to head down the wrong path. So in the end what’s your time worth? Success leaves clues, this book can be your map along the Journey.

If your going to Tech school / college to become a professional Welder this book may be of some assistance as an extra boost however most of this material will be covered in your course & lab work, just strung out over months.

If your an existing professional TIG welder already with Lincoln Electric or Miller tattoos on you biceps, flaming skull Welding helmet to match & a “TIG Life” bumper sticker on your Hot Rod I admire your skills and dedication but this book would be to elementary for someone of your skill level. .

Their are many kinds of Structures where TIG Welding is the most ideal Fabrication method, these include:

Custom Car Frames
Airplane Fuselages
Engine Mounts
Exhaust Systems
Motorcycle Frames
Bicycle Frame
Off Road Buggy Frames
Metal Part Repair
Metal Sculpture Art
Tooling & Shop Equipment
In this book you will learn about:

Shop Safety
The different types of TIG welder machine technology
Equipment Selection
Where to Spend & Where to Save
Material Prep
Detailed TIG welding methods
and much much more.

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