They Called Me Mr. Bonanza is in some respects a continuation of Those Incomparable Bonanzas. There is a section of the book devoted to all the Bonanza models from 1972 through 1990, but another focus of the book is about life at Beech Aircraft Corporation from experience as a Bonanza customer service representative all the way to Program Manager for both the Bonanza and Baron.

In this book you will also learn how the Model 36 Bonanza came about… what caused the Aerobatic Bonanza to be developed… more on the V-Tail… how the vertical instrument program came to be… the name change from Debonair to Bonanza… what happened to the Beechcraft 38P Lightning… why the G33 Bonanza… and much more. There is also a section on Bonanza and Travel Air design concepts studied from 1946 through 1968 by Engineering’s preliminary design group.