These Desired Things: A Collection of Short Stories Including Breaking Bread with Ayrton Senna


Steve Matchett


These Desired Things, Steve Matchett’s much anticipated fourth book, is a stimulating, philosophical offering; a tour de force in creative writing. Although, defining the book’s genre seems largely superfluous, for its immersive, lyrical text is part fiction, part memoire, part autobiography. Complete with a suitably insightful foreword by Manish Pandey (writer of SENNA – the movie) and with its chapters illustrated throughout by the visually enthralling artwork of RenĂ©e French, Matchett’s new book is both engaging and exceptionally pleasing on the eye.The chapters of the work are presented as a collection of eleven short stories: all of them varying in their individual plots, their settings and their style, yet all of them remain essential elements of the whole; for running through each is a series of subtle, uniting threads. And through Matchett’s captivating telling of these affectionate tales, the author’s (already renowned) written ‘voice’ attains a whole other level of intimacy: The reader feels truly bonded to the writer’s emotions.It is also encouraging to note, These Desired Things is no continuation of the author’s previous works: Matchett’s F1 trilogy stands complete. This latest book, therefore, represents a refreshing new mission. Indeed, by introducing to us his pair of delightful (if mysterious) fictional characters, creations so readily brought to life by the author in two of this book’s short stories – The Chestnut Tree and The Shadows Cast of Candlelight – it seems that Matchett is already laying out his plans for a future novel.Undoubtedly, the diversity of all eleven stories – and the inimitable style of the storytelling – is sure to introduce a whole new readership to Matchett’s writing. That said, the author has been most careful to include stories that will appeal to those already familiar with his earlier books – those readers with a knowledge and passion for Formula 1 motor racing. And, most likely, these same passionate readers will be moved to tears on reaching the closing lines of the book’s penultimate chapter, Breaking Bread with Ayrton Senna.Steve Matchett gives abridged readings of this truly atmospheric story during his public appearances, his after-dinner events. Now, however, for the first time in print, this most endearing homage to the fallen, three-time world champion driver, Ayrton Senna, is presented in its full, unabridged form.