The Tom Mix Cord: Saga of a Western Film Star’s Classic Motocar


Bob M. White


The Tom Mix Cord: Saga of a Western Film Star’s Classic Motorcar, tells the story of this classic car from personalization to wreckage to restoration. Well documented at every stage, this book offers a look at Tom Mix’s unique history in the film industry, circus, and his love affair with a 1937 Super Charged Cord that has won nearly thirty awards. Tom Mix was the highest paid actor in Hollywood during the early part of the 20th Century mostly during the silent film era, being featured in 336 films and dubbed as the “King of Cowboys” until his untimely death in this very 1937 Cord. While Mix owned the Cord, he personalized it to make it a true show piece. The Tom Mix Award for the best Cord given at the West Coast Auburn Cord Duesenberg show is a coveted trophy. The car has won the award twice, along with being on the cover of Antique Automobile Car Club of America’s magazine. If you are a car buff, western film buff, or know one, this title is one not to miss. This book includes the ownership history of the car (with some surprises), the fully researched and documented additions made to the car by Mix, a history of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company, a history of Tom Mix’s other endeavors such as owning a circus featuring Wild West Shows, and a detail of the restoration of the Cord to its current show quality state. 11 x 8.5 inches, 144 pages, hardcover.