The Porsche Book


Jürgen Barth Gustav Büsing


The Complete History of Types and Models

Written by Porsche insider and Le Mans-winner Jürgen Barth with co-author Gustav Büsing, The Porsche Book: The Complete History of Types and Models, is a massive, three-volume set, and is the ultimate technical history of all Porsche cars and designs, from the most famous sports cars to the most obscure prototypes. Originally published in 1977, this is the first English-language edition of The Porsche Book in 25 years. Complete descriptions of each model’s specifications, from 1948 through the present day are complemented by details of upgrades and major options.

In addition to background histories on individual cars’ technical developments there is also fascinating history on the company itself, including Ferdinand Porsche’s early design work in the period leading up to his formation of the company; leadership under his son, Ferry; and biographies of all seven men who have led Porsche A.G.

The first volume of The Porsche Book covers Porsche’s 356 and 911, with all their production racing variants. Volume 2 addresses Porsche’s mid- and front-engine cars (such as the 914, 924, and 944, as well as the contemporary Boxster, Cayenne, and Cayman) and also offers a complete list of more than 1,300 Porsche type numbers and related design projects ranging from engines and transmissions to tanks and outboard motors. Finally, Volume 3 comprises all of the company’s pure-bred race cars, from the first Glöckler Porsches of the early 1950s through the RS Spyder. Each volume is handsomely designed, packed with rare photographs, and includes all recent models with new facts and illustrations.

The Porsche Book total more than 1,500 pages and are presented in a slipcase that graphically depicts the cockpit of a 356. Many of the more than 2,000 photographs are historic period images appearing in print for the first time. There are also scores of other illustrations (including design sketches and technical drawings), as well as comprehensive tables featuring chassis numbers, engine numbers, specifications, and performance figures.

This definitive account of Porsche’s cars and design projects tells the whole story behind the cars from this legendary marque, and is an essential resource for all Porsche enthusiasts, especially those who are restoring, racing, or collecting vintage Porsches.

3 Volume Set