The Motor Oil Bible


Michael Kaufman


The most comprehensive and easy to read motor oil & filtration manual EVER WRITTEN. The knowledge gained from reading it will ABSOLUTELY save you thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicles. So, What Will You Learn? How to Choose the Right Oil Petroleum, synthetic or blend? Diesel or Gas? API SM, SL, SF? What viscosity: 0w20 or 5w30? Mobil, Castrol, some exotic brand? The questions go on and on, and, without a good working knowledge of motor oils, you can’t really answer any of them in an informed way. “The Motor Oil Bible” will not only give you a foundation on which to stand by educating you about motor oils in general, but will also specifically address all of these questions and numerous others related to the selection of a motor oil for your vehicle. What Do the Technical Specs Mean Once you know the type of oil you need, you’re then left with the task of comparing the various oils that are available that meet your criteria. This can be a daunting task if you don’t really understand what the data on the tech spec sheets means. I’ll explain clearly what each specification means, which ones will be most valuable to you, and how to compare them. Everything You Need to Know About Filtration I don’t care how good your oil is, if you don’t keep it filtered well, it won’t be long before it is worthless. So, it pays to know everything you can about air & oil filtration. I’ll give you the info that nobody else is giving you, the info that will actually help you evaluate which filters are right for you. The Truth About Motorcycle Oils Do you REALLY need a motorcycle specific oil? If so, how do you decide which one to purchase? Should you be using the OEM oil? What about your warranty? I’ll clear the smoke and break the mirrors that have confused this issue for so long.