The Heath Story


Chet Peek


Chronicles the life of Edward Baird Heath and his famous “parasol” kitplanes. It spans the years from his first Bleriot flight in 1910 to the fatal test of his experimental Low Wing in 1931. He is best remembered for his introduction and promotion of the kitplane concept, powered by a Henderson 4-cylinder motorcycle engine. From 1927 to 1931, 1000s of air-minded young Americans bought his kits, then spent endless hours handcrafting a plane in barns and basements. Heath had an equally successful air racing career. His diminutive Baby Bullet bested all competition in the 1928-29 national meets. His mechanic and flight schools introduced a generation of young men to the world of aviation. He truthfully boasted that he never lost a student. The book contains over 150 rare photos and illustrations, telling the complete and fascinating story of this famous aviator’s life. He can truly be called “The Father of the American Kitplane Industry.” Today’s sport aviation community owes much to this heroic and far-sighed pioneer.