The Cobra-Ferrari Wars-1963-1965


Michael J. Shoen


“Ferrari would never discuss the competitors’ cars. He felt he gave to his drivers the car to win, and he was not concerned about the competition.” — Jean Guichet

“When I left the pits, the Cobra right away felt big and clumsy. As it accelerated through the gears it felt very fast, but it also felt like a piece of junk, a scary kind of combination.” — John Morton

“We were running neck and neck with the Daytona Cobra — around 180 mph.” — Bob Grossman

“So every time I would see a red car coming up, I’d think, ‘Oh shit. Now they are going to go by us.’ ” — Bob Bondurant

“He (Ken Miles) was the best racing driver I ever worked for. We used to go to races with the man and I knew we were going to win. Have you ever had the feeling? I’ve never had that feeling since.” — Charlie Agapiou

“The GTO was the most beautiful-handling car I’ve ever been privileged to drive. The GTO had perfect balance, absolutely perfect — the ballet dancer of motor cars. There was never an other car like the GTO. Never.” — Mike Salmon

“But the people who said that the 289 (Cobra) wasn’t a good handling car didn’t know what they were talking about. Compared to what?. That FIA Cobra handled like a dream — and was fast too.” — Dan Gurney

“We knew, plus or minus, what capabilites of the Ferrari were, and we knew we would beat it. I knew that, if I could get the Daytona coupe Ferrari wouldn’t be in business.” — Carroll Shelby