The Chrisman Legacy / Always Faster


Tom Madigan


If you’re familiar at all with early drag racing or dry lakes racing history, you know the Chrisman name. Award winning author Tom Madigan captures the essence and significant happenings of this never to be repeated time. Only a limited number of The Chrisman Legacy /Always Faster books have been published, make sure you get yours before they’re all gone.

“I’ve known about these guys since I was a little kid. . . real clever engineering. . . just a great, great piece of history. -Jay Leno,

“THE CHRISMAN LEGACY/ALWAYS FASTER is a book that I highly recommend and I give it a perfect 8 out of 8 sparkplugs, one of only a handful of books that are this good.” -Richard Parks,

“With classic stories and lots of historic pictures this book tells the history of the Chrisman family and it details that first Bakersfield race, a race that changed everything for Art and his family. I can highly recommend this book. . . -Bob Frey, legendary NHRA National Event race announcer