Take Risk!


Richard Noble


The amazing story of the people who made possible Richard Noble’s extreme projects on land, at sea and in the air

Richard Noble’s first attempt to build a record car, Thrust1, ended in a high-speed crash and the sale of the wreckage to a scrapyard. Next came the roller coaster ride of Thrust2, which was developed to attack the World Land Speed Record at Bonneville with Noble at its controls; after innumerable setbacks, including sponsor withdrawals, delays and a rebuild after a 250 mph crash, success was finally achieved with a new record of 633 mph in 1983 at Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Following that, Noble established the UK-based ARV Aircraft company to create an innovative and beautiful metal airplane with safe forward-swept wings and a special Hewland engine, all achieved in 13 months from start-up with no design and little money.