Stroker: The Artistic Works of Tom Medley


Gary Medley


Stroker. The Artistic Works of Tom Medley is a long awaited, limited edition book, three years in the making. The 256-page, exquisitely designed coffee table book has over 300 illustrations and photos which showcase the work of the famed Hot Rod magazine cartoonist.

This book reviews the seven decades of Medley’s work, and offers an insightful bio on the artist. It features letters he sent home during WWII, drawings from the 78th Infantry Division Lightning newspaperthe “Fearless Freddy Flash;” legendary character “Stroker McGurk” from Hot Rod magazine, character “Flat Out Snodgrass” from Cycling magazine, automotive cutaway illustrations, spot cartoons, logos, t-shirt designs, greeting cards, and so much more. In this book, you’ll also find recreations of the finished art, various original story boards, and rough sketches by Medley.

limited slip-case edition— this is a must have for any hot rod enthusiast!