Streamline Aluminum Trailers: Restoration and Modification



From the dawn of the very first streamlined aluminum trailer in 1934 to the most recent offerings from genre giant Airstream, Americans have always loved the look, style, and feel of these riveted wonders. Although many beautiful examples are on the road today, an equal number of trailers could use a little, or a lot of, TLC. Some need a minor touchup, some need modernizing and updating, and some need a flat-out restoration.

Author Tony Martin guides you through the process from selecting the right project all the way to polishing your completed streamline aluminum trailer. Every aspect of restoring and modifying your project is addressed including frame, chassis, bodywork, plumbing, electrical, cabinets, appliances, etc. Much of this work is covered in step-by-step restoration photo sequences, giving you a visual guide to converting a road-side eyesore into the belle of the trailer park ball.

Streamline Aluminum Trailers: Restoration & Modification is a must-have book if you currently live in one of these gems at an RV park or are restoring and modifying one for leisure use. Clubs and events are even scheduled around the gathering and appreciation of these timeless beauties. There has never been a book to fully aid in the restoration and modification of these beloved trailers until now. Add this useful resource to your library today.