Still Life With Tatra Wrecks


Vladimir Cettl


Come with me into a world I have neither invented nor exaggerated. To a world that, as I pressed the shutter button of my camera, looked exactly the same as the photos. To a world that wishes to remain secret so as to quietly disappear over time.
Even as I took my first photos of car wrecks in 2006, I told myself I was collecting material for a book. The journey, however, turned out to be much longer, trickier and more interesting than I first thought. Sometimes things worked out, sometimes they didn‘t, and many times I asked myself if there was any point in continuing and if I hadn‘t already exhausted the topic, but I never threw in the towel.
You may ask yourself, as do others, how I go about looking for cars. Where do I find them? How do I know where to look for them? I have been publishing photos of rusty car wrecks for years now. I therefore have many friends among vintage car enthusiasts, and whenever they come across a rusty vehicle, they send me the classic message: „Vladimir, we‘ve got something for you.“ Since the world is not as big as it used to be, and the Internet reaches almost anywhere, people from all over the world write to me. I am, of course, very pleased that I am not the only one that finds meaning in such a challenge. It is a kind of symbiosis – people give me tips, and I try to reach the location, talk to the owner and document whatever I can. If it weren‘t for these enthusiasts, I would most likely not even enjoy the process and this book would never have been created.