Steve McQueen: The Race of His Life


Marcelo Abeal

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Steve McQueen had a terrible childhood. This made him the man he was. Abandoned by his father before he was born and left aside by his mother, he grew up almost like an orphan until he was an adolescent and became the greatest Hollywood star ever. McQueen was a magnet at the box office because, rather than an actor, he was a style. He understood and took advantage of this, even in spite of making the list of his enemies even longer. People said he was a very difficult person, simply because he was not a tame lamb which could be easily handled. He knew what was good for him. He argued to death with directors to have things done his own way. He acted like this in all aspects of life, always on the edge. By the time he died, he had accumulated 55 cars, 210 motorbikes and was beginning to take an interest in old airplanes. But his love was not just collecting. He used to say ” I’m not sure whether I’m an actor who competes or a driver who acts”. Marcelo Abeal, the author, is an enthusiastic fan of Steve, as well as an actor and stuntman himself. After doing thorough research on Steve’s life for over three years, he now shares his work in this unique compilation of observations, anecdotes, exclusive interviews and comments made by close friends, colleagues and people who knew Steve very well. Steve’s most memorable films are “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Great Escape” (exclusive comment by Tim Gibbs, stunt), “Bullitt” (exclusive interview to Don Gordon, one of his best friends), “Le Mans”, “The Getaway”, “Papillon”, “Tom Horn” (exclusive interview with his friend, actor Mel Novak), and the series “Wanted Dead or Alive” (exclusive interview with Loren Janes, his stunt all his life). Plus, an interview with the last doctor who assisted him, Dr. Cesar Santos Vargas.