Steve McQueen in Le Mans – a Graphic Novel


Sandro Garbo


Loving cars and racing all his life, Steve McQueen realized his dream in 1970 to create a film featuring one of the oldest and most prestigious endurance races in the world. And the movie Le Mans became a cult masterpiece for a whole generation of car racing fans.

45 years later, an unknown enthusiast decided to live the same dream. Sandro Garbo and his team invested a lot of effort, making sure that every detail was carefully crafted and depicted the story at its best.

Called Steve McQueen in Le Mans, it retells the film’s story in colorful, rich illustration. Sandro Garbo, the graphic novel’s Belgian creator, captured the high-intensity action of the movie in page after page of gorgeous illustrations.

64 Pages
Luxury hard cover
Size 13.6″ × 10.1″

Tribute Edition part I  (part II will be released in 2018 )