Spitfire Pilots Legends of The Air


Nick Oram


Author signed hardback book: 359 pages with 99 photos (mostly wartime)

“A masterpiece and a credit to your dedication and perseverance to keep the Spitfire and their pilots alive in our hearts forever.”  Pat M

A passionate collection of true Second World War stories about gallant pilots and their Spitfires who announced themselves to the world – winning the public’s affection and forging a legend. Readers are strapped into a Spitfire cockpit during heart-stopping combat missions drawn from the pilots’ first-hand accounts and archive material. The action is set during and after the titanic struggle of the Battle of Britain followed by the air campaigns against German and Italian forces in the war-torn skies of North Africa, and Europe. Triumph, tragedy, and sacrifice are woven together with amusing anecdotes to leave readers in wonder.