SM: Citroen’s Maserati-engined Supercar


Brian Long  Philippe Claverol


This technically intense history is thorough. this is essential reading, not just for fans of Citroen’s glorious but flawed and ultimately doomed flagship, but all key big Citroens since 1919, from the earliest Type A to the most recent C6. However, the core content focuses on the SM, kicking off with sketches of early design proposals and an insight into the prototype mule, a chopped-down two-door DS packing Maserati firepower. Best of all, though, are the various literature reproductions, including the original 47-page press booklet and a huge number of press adverts and photos.  The seminal celebration of the Citroen SM penned by celebrated automotive journalists Brian Long and Citroen expert Philippe Claverol. Their 224 page hardcover offers a comprehensive history of the limited production SM’s development, from the DS based prototypes through the special build and completion variants, to the last examples of 1975.The book is clear, well written text is in English, although much of the fascinating, rarely seen archival Citroen documentation included in the books 270 colour and back and white illustrations is understandably French. Love it or hate it, there is no denying the importance of the SM, or of this fine title.