Showroom Stock


Dave Wolin


Dave Wolin’s new book, “Showroom Stock” hits all the buttons, covering some little known but important segments of auto racing history, forgotten or ignored by the sanctioning bodies.  The introduction by Bill King, former marketing guy at SCCA, points the way.

“Showroom Stock” begins with early road racing history, when everything was showroom stock, and proceeds through the evolution of showroom stock club racing and the birth of showroom stock endurance racing at the Nelson Ledges circuit in Northeast Ohio, the “Longest Day”‘.  The “Longest Day” events, promoted by “Road & Track” and “Car and Driver” magazines, produced interest by auto manufacturers and tire companies, creating SCCA Pro Endurance Racing, the SCCA Playboy and Escort Series and IMSA’s Firehawk Series, Helping to fuel the interest was the Volkswagen Bilstein Cup, Renault Cup, Coors Racetruck Challenge and Corvette Challenge, all now gone and practically invisible.

Compiler in Chief Wolin (he says he’s not an author) has collected comments stories and quotes from drivers, team owners, crew and press (sometimes they were all the same person), along with some never before seen photos and insider information (who had trick tires, how did you tweak the boost etc.) into a fun read that will be enjoyed by anyone who watched, raced or wished they had attended any of these events.

Wolin, incidentally, was one of the prime movers in the creation of pro showroom stock racing and ran the successful Mitsubishi racing efforts back in the day.