Scarlet Passion

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Anthony Pritchard


This book is a detailed account of the most charismatic period of Ferrari sports car racing, from the introduction of Prototype racing for 1963 to the withdrawal of Maranello from two-seater racing at the end of 1973 to concentrate on Formula 1. The great sports racing cars of this era have a strong enthusiast following, particularly those of the Prancing Horse, which was competing primarily against the Ford GT40 and the Porsche 917.- The years 1964-67 when Ford Challenged the supremacy of Ferrari, at LeMans in particular- Battling with Porsche from 1969 to the end of 1971 and coming out worse- The switch to 3-litre sports car racing for 1972 and Ferrari’s domination of the category against opposition from Matra and Alfa Romeo- Ferrari’s defeat by the French v12s in 1973 and Maranello’s withdrawal from the class of racing- The thinking of Enzo Ferrari and his engineers- The relationships of private owners and the factory- Interviews with owners and entrants, plus correspondence with Ferrari- Specifications, works drivers, and international race results.